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  • Does this seem reasonable? Car needs fixing
  • Premier Icon crispo

    Right I know you lot aren’t car specialists but I do know someone always seems to know something about everything….

    Mrs Crispo has a BMW 118d and has said that the abs and traction control lights keep flashing up when driving along normally. Seems to judder and cut power a bit. Taken it in to local bmw specialist and they’ve run ‘diagnostic’ and the fix is apparently two new drive shafts and two new abs sensors at a price of £640!

    Anyone experienced anything similar. Also if this does need doing is £650 right kind of ball park?


    Premier Icon Cougar

    Could always get a second opinion from another garage.

    Premier Icon crispo

    This is true! Only thing is that they tend to charge for a full diagnostic so was hoping to just get a couple of arm chair expert views for free first…


    Have the tyre pressures been checked and the system re-set? Beemers are so bloody connected that if the DCS senses wheel slip it can activate, and the tyre pressures could be a “sign” that it’s loosing traction (if you get my drift). Check those first.

    Tyre pressures
    ABS rings (relatively simple)
    then see if it’s a CV / axel issue.

    Premier Icon paulhaycraft

    ABS sensors sounds quite likely. Not quite sure why you’d need new drive shafts as part of the same problem. Possible they noticed it when checking the ABS sensors.


    That is suggesting that they think there is either a fault with the abs sensor, or the abs sensor tone ring which is on the driveshaft and is what the sensor reads. It seems to me like they are throwing the kitchen sink at it, it is likely to be one sensor or one tone ring; it is unlikely that both sensors and both tone rings are faulty. I’m not sure if there is a valid reason for means that they can only change both driveshafts at a time, but if they do need to replace the driveshafts (because the tone rings are damaged), then why are they also replacing the sensors?

    Can’t you fix it yourself?

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    It s normally just one sensor playing up, they do sound like they’re throwing the kitchen sink at the problem’


    if it does need them then it doesnt seem a bad price for all that.

    Normally need driveshafts when the reductor rings are rusty and fall off. How old is the car? A 1 series can’t be that old.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Try and get the codes read and head to the forums.

    I have one of these –

    Dead simple to use and the price of one diagnostic at the local garage.

    If you are anywhere near central Scotland, you can borrow mine.


    I suspect a read the codes tell the man the worst case scenario and the easiest way of getting ride of the code with minimal technicians effort to isolate which sensor etc is to blame…….
    Definitely a case of go elsewhere to an old fashioned mechanic.

    Have a read at this?

    Reads like BMW’s SOP is: swap the driveshafts for new. I’d go to an indy.


    They could be changing the driveshafts because the reluctor rings are on the cv joints. These are toothed rings that rotate with the driveshaft are are ‘read’ by the abs sensor.
    These rings can corrode and/or crack which causes a bit of chaos for the car system. If it’s an automatic it also means the car doesn’t know what gear to be in as it doesn’t know how fast the wheels are turning.
    I’ve just had them replaced on my XC90 but that’s 12 years old! Fairly simple to replace (rempoe the cv joint from the hub, heat the ring and put it on the cv joint – when it cools it contracts and holds firm).
    Cost about £40 each ( are good) + fitting (£40-60 ish).


    ABS sensor for Toyota Corolla 2005 is £125 each excl VAT!

    I had two fixed on mine when ABS light kept coming up … 😡

    Premier Icon benji

    Sounds like a code read and then just price for everything, rather than look and find out what is actually going on. Reluctor rings splitting isn’t uncommon, especially on things like Rover 25’s. Sensors can be checked with a multimeter. As above get another professional opinion, either a good specialist or a recommended independent.

    Premier Icon michaelbowden

    Reluctor rings are a non replaceable part of the driveshaft. And they can suffer from corrosion.

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