Does Swinley trail centre attract more "idiots" than others?

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  • Does Swinley trail centre attract more "idiots" than others?
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    absolutely, so stopping and standing in the middle of the trail is a really stupid idea. If you can’t grasp that then you are probably not safe to be let out in public. You don’t think stopping you car and getting out around a blind corner is a good idea?

    Premier Icon hatter

    That’s kind of exactly the opposite of how it’s normally done- you want a hard bit right near the start so that people go “**** me”. Starting easier then getting harder is how I’d build a noob trap tbh!

    Whilst I get your point, I feel that Swinley is so accessible and the people you get there so inexperienced that putting a ‘qualifier’ section at the start of the blue would just lead to a steady conveyer belt of people heading to A&E of a Sunday.

    In the more ‘serious’ trail centres where people will have traveled to get there it makes more sense to do it as you suggested as a rider that’s keen enough to have made it out there will almost certainly have sufficient nous to judge whether what he’s heading towards is doable and is likely to reassess and change trails before they mash themselves.


    You’d be wrong in assuming its always the newbs and shopping bike riders lacking common sense and trail etiquette. Many a time at Swinley (albeit on the red trail) I’ve come round a corner or out of the forest sections to find 2 or 3 expensive bling mountain bikes abandoned across the trail whilst the riders all crowd round comparing strava times or whatever.

    Some would say natural selection but i’d be pretty upset if it was me or one of my friends that we injured hitting some of these idiots

    b r

    I was riding at Swinley on ‘t weekend. Only there because a mate of mine had never ridden there and we were going past anyway.

    1/10 for trying to sound gnar…


    IMHO Swinley would benefit from a signposted ‘family trail’ using the fire roads. This wouldn’t cost much and would help to spread the various cyclists out.


    People see an interesting looking path through the trees and take it, it doesn’t matter if there are signs or notices no-one reads them. Last year we had to stop and carry a bloke in an electric wheelchair back up the trail because he’d confused the red MTB trail with the red disabled trail


    Only been to Swinley once – it was to break up the journey heading to the Alps – got there mid-afternoon on a Saturday, car park was packed. Didn’t see that many people out on the trail (did blue/red), those that were standing around were doing so on the fire road/break sections and out of the way. Obviously if you go more often you are more likely to come across the OP’s scenario.

    As others have said, it’s a multi-use area within easy reach of a large number of people, you are inevitably going to get some conflicting situations as well as some complete kn*b heads.

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    I ride at Swinley every couple of weeks or so on my gnarcore-enduro-sled. Living in London its by far the easiest way for me to get my fix in and get home again in reasonable time.

    I generally start riding around 09:00 / 09:30 so it’s normally pretty quiet that time of day (mostly people with actual proper mountain bikes about, and not that many of them) until I get to the second half of the blue at the end when there’s definitely a larger contingent of ‘leisure’ cyclists about. Everyone starts somewhere right?

    Haven’t come across anyone being a complete idiot though.


    not sure if the biggest lol was for the
    5′ ‘air’ onto the blind landing ramp
    or the 5m high berms

    wont be getting in a willy waving contest with either of you.

    Premier Icon brassneck

    I’d have thought the first bit of the blue was sufficient to dissuade most casual riders to be honest. Maybe they are riding round it and joining later?

    Obviously not talking about the riding Gods of this parish, it’s clearly far far too easy and needs some jumps over punji stake pits, or sharks with frickin laser beam eyes.

    The only knob I saw was on a full gnar core enduro rig from his quiver, piss pot helmet the works, nearly took out my 5 year old overtaking.


    Interesting thread. I was at Swinley this weekend with my 7 year old and 4.5 year old daughters and I can see both sides of the debate.

    The youngest was on a LOCT seat and attracted (as usual) polite and friendly comments and my oldest was on her <proud dad> custom built 20″ bike. She got loads of comments and “well done’s” from people which is brilliant for her confidence.

    We were a lot slower than most but I tried to ensure we moved out of the way as soon as possible to let others past and we got plenty of “thank you’s”.

    However, I also came across people trying to cycle round in flip flops on quite tired looking bikes and I did wonder how they would get on.

    I think the regulars know an early start is best for a more flowing / own pace ride but I think we’d lose a lot if places like Swinley didn’t exist and allowed a mix of riders.

    It’s proving to be great training ground for my kids (who’ve been LOCT passengers for years) and who are now experiencing the fun and exercise for themselves.

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