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  • Does such a camper van exist? 4 berth with 8/9 seats
  • BlindMelon

    Does anyone know of a small camper van that sleeps 4 (2 adults, 2 kids) but can have an extra row of seats added if required.

    Is it possible to have a van like this with basically 3 rows of 3 seats and the rear row is removable?


    Don’t know about off the peg but I’m sure you could get such a thing made by one of the many camper conversation companies.


    Not quite what you’re after but both our older and newer japanese import Toyota Hiace campers were 4 berth and with 7 seats without any adaption – 3 in front, rear has a 2 X 2 seaters and the front one flips around to make the lower bed, 2 beds in pop top. Wouldn’t use it like this on a regular basis though as middle seat in front and all of the rear seats lack headrests and use lap belts. The one we have now we have fitted 3 point belts in the back seat and removed the lap belts in the back as we don’t need the extra seating.

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    Unlikely as most campers run quite close to their weight limit & people are quite heavy.

    Most manufacturers try to keep the gross weight to 3500kg as over that most people under 40 can’t drive them. At that, many are overweight just with 4 people and a tank of water, never mind clothes, food, bikes etc.

    I’m sure you could find something, or have something built, but the mgw probably needs to be about 5 tons. Maybe a minibus conversation?

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    VW shuttle might do. Rearmost row is removable but heavy – then use one of the Kombi beds (Amdro, exploria, etc) for below and the usual pop roof/bed above.

    Peugeot, Citroen and Toyota do passenger versions of their midsize van with 8/9 seats in various lengths too and there are some options now for pop roofs too.

    I have an 8 seater JDM thing (Honda Stepwgn) and it would be very tight to actually get 8 people in there.

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    How about Autocampers

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