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  • Does “send offer” on eBay ever work?
  • Premier Icon DezB
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    Lol people are still talking about the wrong types of offer…

    You mean… it’s actually better if people read the whole thread before posting?? Crazy talk! 🤪

    Premier Icon dyna-ti
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    I agree with everyone else that it’s a great feature that allows chancers such as us to pop in the cheekiest of offers, in the hope they’ll accept it 😉

    Premier Icon endomick
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    Slight hijack here but people who offer me 50 or even 60% less than my already low asking price need to go sit on a spike, and people who don’t leave feedback even when you’ve asked nicely and given them a total bargain, what’s their problem. I have two types of buyer, extremely happy and impressed, then plain ignorant.

    Premier Icon kerley
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    Feedback is largely a thing of the past now. I always post my items very well packed, and same day or next day at worst (although I state 2 days).

    Many years ago I would get feedback on around 90% of sales whereas today I get feedback on about 10% of sales. People are just not bothering with it anymore. I don’t know if the fact I have 2000+ and at 100% means they feel they don’#t need to?

    Premier Icon jonnouk
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    Rarely. Sometimes I wonder why they even put the option up if they aren’t going to be bothered to counter-offer.

    Premier Icon alibongo001
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    I’ve been trying it recently – I got a pallet of audiobooks and it turns out quite a few are reasonably rare ie the only copy on eBay Uk

    I’ve been pricing strong and then making offers when people have been putting in their watch list.

    So far it’s not been the best of strategies – I’m not sure if it’s because it’s new or due to the fact they last for 48 hours and users miss them?

    I’m going to keep on trying!

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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