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  • Does every one have off days? A bit jump related….
  • I get this mostly on jumps. Some days everything is mint, pull the bike up no probs, big (ish) air, smooth landings, fully in control. Then some days, I'll be all twisted up when I get air – had a bad one in FoD and landed on my side somehow – slam down landings, and end up a bit nervous.

    Also should I run my forks a bit harder than normal?


    No, I am consistently shit.

    You're bloody funny though 😆


    Maybe trying too hard, that's my excuse anyway….


    Thats because you're pulling the bars rather than driving the bike through the trans.


    Everyone has shit days, don't worry about it


    from your description, the "mint" days sound more like luck and it's not down to your equipment (if you knew what you were doing you'd compensate for a soft fork easy enough).. do you know anyone that can jump you could ask advice from?


    dead sailor!

    If you're pulling the bike into the air you're doing it wrong. Do you have a local bmx race track? Start with manuals and pump bumps and work up.


    Had an off year after coming a right cropper in Champery 2 years ago, it hurt ALOT and that was that. Back to normal now but that is'nt saying much.

    Was in Champery this year and took it easy, no crashes and avoided the jump i nailed myself on the entire holiday…always next year i guess.

    I always find it can take a fair few minutes to feel 'in the zone' when riding jumps, otherwise i just feel half asleep. Before entering 'the zone' I cant often have a few dodgy moments although after about 15 minutes of riding Im usually ok. Saying that, on a bmx you cant get away with stuff as easily, it has to be right really.

    I used to prefer my sus forks harder for dirt jumps, also used to run them with a bit less rebound damping too

    Same. Probably just need a bit more practice.

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