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    I’m fed up of getting man colds. Had proper flu before Christmas, and now one month after I’ve got a rotten cold.

    I seem to be the only guy that catches these crappy viruses in our office, yet I’m the only one that tries to eat well, and does regular exercise!

    So I’m thinking of buying some vitamin tablets to see if they work.

    Any recommendations? Have they actually had any noticeable affect?




    One of those a day keeps you well, gives you a mild “rushy” kind of buzz and luminous yellow wee


    Ive been taking an echinacea (herbal)tablet each day over the winter months and thats held coughs and colds at bay. Also take calcium and cod liver oil, but thats due to other complications.

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    No doubt someone from the medical persuasion (TJ or Drac etc) will be along to rubbish vitamin supplements. However I’ve been taking multivits and fish oil capsules for a few months now and can honestly say I feel better for them.


    I’ll give them a whirl, can’t do any harm I guess 🙂

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    Feel better since I’ve started taking Solgar Vit B-12 complex and a separate Solgar multivitamin.

    But, yeah, the luminous yellow wee is a bit of an eye opener (don’t need to switch the bathroom light on at night!).

    the only thing proven to significantly boost the immune system is Zinc,

    as with anything its best not to overdoo them, some vitamins can build up in place you dont want them, for example you wouldnt want to piss out a vit-C tablet* would you?

    *high dose vit-C is linked to kidney/bladder stones

    I’ve got a bottle of multivit’s but only take them when im not eating properly for some reason, and its best to take them imediately after a big meal, otherwise your piss turning yellow is a good indication as to where theyve all gone.


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    I’ll give them a whirl, can’t do any harm I guess

    Have a look on the internet, and read many publications (a good place to start being and the “can’t do any harm” thing is effectively rubbished. Short term, unlikely, long-term most probably.

    If you’re going to take anything to boost your immune system, take a probiotic such as acidophilos lactobilis (or something with the lacto in it anyway), as that promotes the healthy bacteria in your gut which is a key source of immune protection. I wouldn’t bother with all those actimel / activia things – you can equal them with a good diet.

    Above all, a good diet is what’s needed and should negate the need for any supplementation except at times of significant stress on either mind or body, which has been proven to weaken the immune system.

    If you do want to take a vitamin, the one I would recommend is the “reflex nexgen”, as this contains the vitamins and probiotics. Equally, I would quarter their recommended dose – i.e. one a day instead of 4.

    That’s my take on it, and I’ve been well all winter.

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    I take Vit C + Zinc and I’ve been well all winter.
    My GP told me it’s harmless to take too much VitC as you just piss it out.

    I first heard about echinacea from an interview with (I think) Paul Lazenby, as the amount of training he was doing made him more vulnerable to illness. Could only get it on the internet back then, but I’ve seen it in Asda recently. (I don’t take it btw).


    Vit C and Zinc being used here as well. Normally I am a cold magnet, always getting bad colds. However this winter whilst taking Vit C and zinc tablets I’ve had one bad cold and a bunch of what I would term near misses – I’ve snuffled/sneezed/felt shit for less than 24 hours and then bounced back to normal.


    I take a Costco (Kirkland Signature) ownbrand Multi vitamin & minerals – damn cheap.

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    I take vitamin B, C and E every day, B to help my body along, C cough & cold prevention and E to help with my dry skin. Whilst there may be no medical evidence to support benefits I think they help.

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    well that chap who does the training stuff in the mag suggested vit c, zinc and enchinea, and cod liver as well i think.
    i take lots of vit c when i start snuffling, and when travelling, and it doesn’t appear to do any harm, but i’ve really just followed teh advice i’ve read…

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    I have those Multibiontas. They make me fart like a bleedin’ fart machine.
    everyone’s probably going to tell me now that they’re rubbish and will be reducing my IQ/giving me cancer of the bum or something.


    yeah, you’re gonna be thick and have consumption of the bum!

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    I thought so. No wonder they were being sold cheap by Tesco.


    I use the reflex nexgen, good blend and I figure it ensures if I have a couple of days where my diet isn’t balanced then I’ve got the basics right.

    I also take Omega 3,6,9.


    If your interested in evidence, check out the Cochrane Collaboration. It has this conclusion on high-dose Vitamin C for preventing or treating the Common Cold –
    “The failure of vitamin C supplementation to reduce the incidence of colds in the normal population indicates that routine mega-dose prophylaxis is not rationally justified for community use. But evidence suggests that it could be justified in people exposed to brief periods of severe physical exercise or cold environments.”

    And if you’re buying into the “antioxidant” industry this conclusion may be of interest.
    “We found no evidence to support antioxidant supplements for primary or secondary prevention. Vitamin A, beta-carotene, and vitamin E may increase mortality. Future randomised trials could evaluate the potential effects of vitamin C and selenium for primary and secondary prevention. Such trials should be closely monitored for potential harmful effects. Antioxidant supplements need to be considered medicinal products and should undergo sufficient evaluation before marketing.”

    There’s probably something on the prophylactic use of multivitamins too.

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