Does anyone use Google Music?

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  • Does anyone use Google Music?
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    I use Spotify Premium at moment which is fine, I just don’t like being restricted to one device at a time.

    I understandGoogle Music allows playback on multiple devices, so if I’m out running/in the gym I can stream while the rest of the family continue to listen at home.

    I have been trying to sign up for the free trial for the last couple of days, but I keep getting message “Server error try again later”

    Anyone successfully using this service?


    I switched for exactly the reason you mention, and I’ve never looked back.

    Added bonus is chromecasting to the TV/stereo to use decent speakers and miles better playlist management.

    I also think it’s cheaper than Spotify as well, at £7.99/month – that’s what I pay, at least.

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    Sounds good. I guess i can use with my existing Apple Airplay set up then?

    I think so, but it needs a tiny bit of jiggery-pokery if you’re using android.

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    On ipad/iphone. Just managed to sign up on computer, will be downloading the app now. Thanks for the help

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    I’m seeing it as £9.99 a month.


    I use Napster, £10 a month and you can use three mobile devices simultaneously and I think two computers, plus sonos. Great services.

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    Use it Google play music and it’s great apart from total absence of Metallica material on there.

    I had a 60 day free trial offer pop up after a few days on the trial / free one.

    By the way the apps default on installation was to only stream on wifi when I added it. Easy to change in settings.

    I use google play but only the free version but ive uploaded my 15k songs to it. I like it. I have deezer premium too at the min free with my phone but once it runs out im just sticking with google. I tried spotify but it felt too cluncky after using deezer but that will be down to me not being used to it rather than the app.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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