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  • Does anyone still wear lycra apart from racers?
  • jond

    >Do they have a zippers/velcro
    Serious answer 😉 – bib longs, zipper (usually) – *just* about low enough to lob it over the top for a piddle, or bib shorts, the front's normally a similar height. Anything else and you have to make sure you've gone before. Having said that, I've got some coolmax lusso bib longs (lighter than roubaix) and there's no zip and the front's still fairly high.

    >Speedos are perfectly normal for swimming, so presumably you'd be perfectly happy to wander round your office in them after a quick pre-work swim then?

    Now you're being silly 😉 – that's like wandering around in ones underwear !
    Certainly wearing bib longs is more analagous to women wearing leggings

    Many years ago I might have felt a bit selfconcious arriving at a pub in lycra (certainly one landlord use to take the piss in good humour), but most pubs (like work) are full of scruffy arses anyway 😉 Anywhere I'd feel a bit scruffy wearing jeans I would't wear lycra (or indeed, shorts – I'd take a change of clothes or not cycle)

    >Oh FFS, wear what you want
    Yup 😉

    WRT the speedos ban at Alton Towers or anywhere else in the UK, in europe *shorts* are banned from swimming pools since they may well be used for other than swimming, and so may not be clean.


    Speedos are perfectly normal for swimming, so presumably you'd be perfectly happy to wander round your office in them after a quick pre-work swim then?

    No and i don't wander gratuitously round my office in lycra either. I get changed before the working day starts. I don't think anyone's condoning wearing lycra at work, all day.
    cycling finishes outside the office, i only walk through the reception of the office in lycra because that's the route to the changing room. If swimming happened to finish right at work, i.e. if there was a swimming pool in the office, and if the route from the swimming pool to the changing room went through the office, then yes i would. But people would expect it if there was a swimming pool at work. The point being that where there are roads, people should expect cycling. People should view cycling (and wearing cycling kit) as a more normal activity than is currently the case – it shouldn't be regarded as a fringe activity to be apologised for.


    20years ago when i worked in the NHS, our lady boss,was called in by a naughty woman who liked to cause trouble,to see me leaving work dressed in lycra.I was not seen by any patient and always went out the back of the building.

    On seeing me,after haveing my attire pointed out,our very nice and profesional boss just said,you cycling home then,dressed like that,dont you wear a helmet,perhaps it may a good idea to buy one as i worked with brain injury patients and the results of a head injury are very costly to the NHS.

    Ther naughty one was gutted,i didnt get told off.

    That weekend i bought a helmet.


    If you say 'it's an extension of hill walking not road riding' actually ISN'T yet another excuse for self consciousness, then that's fine i believe you.

    I do wear leggings in the mid winter, so don't accuse me of having an issue with my legs. 😉 But, again they are my Karrimor Alpine Pants from my alpine climbing days. They are mostly fleece and probably have some lycra in them, or something of that nature. They resemble roadie lycra, but only in so much as they are tight and figure hugging. I'm told by girl friends that I have a nice arse and legs, but I still wear my mountaineering/walking outdoor gear for MTB, it's purely a functional/what I have in my kit drawer thing.

    Premier Icon dogmatix

    i'm gonna be honest i don'tmind people wearing lycra on show. People can do what the hell they want. Do i think it looks a bit silly.. yeah im afraid i do… i cant change the way i see it. Same as a guy with shorts thins socks and shoes looks a bit silly… i wear baggies over lycra… why? lycra has a pad makes cycling easier, they compress muscle which is proven to help… baggies just make me feel loose and cool over the top… i like that feeling… its kind of psychological… i feel a bit spindly in lycra but with baggies over the top feel a bit more planted… call me crazy but just telling the truth… if you look good, you feel good and if you feel good you ride good… thats what i rekon… but each to their own…


    I'm told by girl friends that I have a nice arse and legs

    i've no doubt that you do 😉

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