Does anyone ride/commuter in normal clothes?

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  • Does anyone ride/commuter in normal clothes?
  • Premier Icon binners

    Speedo’s and Sealskin socks, fingerless gloves and a balaclave

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    ton, earlier;


    Yes, jeans etc and a an old hi-vis cycle jacket. Just looked out the window and suddenly very disappointed in myself. Tis pretty wet in Brighton right now…


    I do. (Under my waterproofs!) It’s only 6 miles each way and I can’t be doing with getting totally changed twice a day for a 20 odd minute ride.
    Spray of deoderant, clean T-shirt. Job’s a good ‘un.


    Yes, always. My commute is only three miles though and i don’t break a sweat.


    I did it for years. 15 mile round trip. Cycle clothing is generally not necessary.
    We tour in normal clothes too. I just add cycling shorts underneath.


    Yes, in the City I ride in in suit, if it’s raining I take the tube.
    Down home I ride in in smart casual* attire for work cos’ it’s less formal in the sticks, if it’s raining I take the car to the station.

    *Rapha rain/city trews, shoes, Rapha city riding shirt, Rapha rain jacket or city jacket.

    No jeans, they stay wet for months and you sit steaming like you’re in a chinese laundry.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Nah it’s too far, too muddy and I’m too sweaty for civilian gear.

    I do try to look fairly “normal” though – baggies, t-shirt style jersey, no helmet, no high viz (I’m not on the road).

    Premier Icon mintimperial

    Yep, usually, more or less. I wear a helmet and a cycling jacket if it’s cold, but normal casual clothes otherwise. I’ve not ridden in the past week or so though due to having a stinking cold. In this sort of weather I’d take a change of clothes and ride in bike kit.

    Yep, commute in normal clothes all year round, really. If the Dutch can do it…..

    alpine girl

    For me it’s a distance thing. Until now my commute has been more than 10 (hilly) miles and for that I would wear cycle clothing. Now it’s just between 3 and 6 miles so it’s “normal” clothing but with a helmet and high viz jacket.


    I refuse to buy grossly overpriced ‘cycle’ clothing, and just wear normal stuff instead mostly. As most of my riding in town is relatively short distance and I need to look fairly ‘normal’, I don’t want to wear ghastly lurid ‘cycle’ gear, as most of it’s pretty poor anyway. I can understand people who have long commutes in variable weather needing special gear, but you get peole with short 5 mile or so commutes who insist on wearing full bib tights, road shoes the lot. Just daft.


    ride at least 17 miles a day, wear cycling shoes, cycling baggies and any old t-shirt.
    on really cold, wet days, I’ll put a hoody on.


    GrahamS – Member
    no helmet

    WHAT? I’m amazed you lasted this long before someone picked up on THAT 🙂

    Edit to add: Forgot to say, 35 mile round trip for me so I ride in biking kit.


    Commute 2x20min rides every day in normal gear – if it rains, put a jacket on. But I am on a Boris bike, so speed isn’t really an issue.


    I just ride in whatever I`m wearing, I ride Dutch style bikes round town or on my two mile trip to the station, chainguards, mudguards etc keep all the crap off you.

    Premier Icon scaled

    I’m a sweaty bastard and strava doesnt help.

    And i live in Manchester so I get wet enough to require a change of clothes when i get to work most days anyway.

    Premier Icon stimpy

    45min ride each way and far too sweaty to wear civvies. Cycling shorts, gilet/rain jacket, high-viz, helmet, SPDs and (now) lights. Change into regular gear at work though.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Its only 1 mile across town from home to office. 10 minute door to desk, including locking the bike in the cellar at work. If its raining heavily, I’ll walk instead. Even though it takes a bit longer (20 mins), I stay drier.

    Premier Icon ads678

    I sweat like Lee Evans in a sauna so it’s wicking gear all the way for me, basically the same stuff i MTB in. I do have a shower at work though so thats good for anyone that sits near me!!


    only got a 2 mile commute so ride in work trousers and a t shirt, put a shirt on at work. dead easy just to put waterproofs over the top if its raining too. only downside is a few pairs of trousers have worn through in the crotch/inner thigh

    Premier Icon ton

    lots and lots of posts about what boots/waterproofs/legwear.
    not a bad thing, just wondering if anyone rides their bike in just normal clothes and such.

    on the last 2 biblical 😉 wet days, i have rode in wearing a 14.99 decathlon waterproof, work trousers and wellies.

    anyone else just wear their usual clobber to ride in.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Quite a clear division here between those whose commute is a mile long pootle in the city, and those who ride 10+ miles on bridleways 😀

    Personally, if I had a 1 or 2 mile commute I’d just walk!


    Not so often these days due to work but used to do it 5 days a week, 4 miles each way. Light rain meant a water proof jacket, heavy rain I added waterproof trousers, downpours I added a pair of overshoes. All with a shirt and tie on. It worked just fine. Only in really really heavy rain did it start to work its way down your neck but it was better that fugging up on the underground.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    only downside is a few pairs of trousers have worn through in the crotch/inner thigh

    I’ve found that too. 🙁

    What “normal” trousers/jeans for riding a bike?


    If I ride to work (just over a 1 mile) then I do that in a t-shirt and jeans (my “workwear”).

    Happily do mountain biking in normal clothes too, although not for racing, and do wear “proper” biking gear for that sometimes too! Although it’s been a *long* time since I’ve done any proper riding!

    Always wear conventional cycling gear for road riding though, I guess it’s more comfortable and convenient when out on the bike for a while!


    There’s an optimization problem here:
    Less than about six miles – pootle at say 12 mph for 30min and don’t break a sweat in normal clothes
    Above six miles – hammer at 18 mph for 20 min and take a 0min shower.

    My commute is a swift 10 miles each way, with locker, showers and warm towels waiting at work. It would be rude not to 😉 For riding into and about own, normal clothes, of course.


    Im sure if i tried to ride in in my work clothes and be tangled up in the chain ring in no time..and i aint wearing bicycle clips

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