Does anyone not faff with tyres?

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  • Does anyone not faff with tyres?
  • Premier Icon timmys

    Rubber Queens all year.

    The Fopster

    I ride with the tyres that came with the bike until at some point in winter I notice that when I pedal the rear wheel goes round but I don’t go anywhere (but my shorts get very muddy). At that point I put on my trusty pair of Bonty Mud Xs which I use until Easter.

    Repeat each year.

    I don’t count that as faff, though no doubt many will disagree.


    Every day we have a tyre thread.

    Does anyone on here just use the same tyres all year no matter what?

    the brand is unimportant otherwise this will turn into an ironic tyre thread.


    minions front and back. all year. dry/mud/rain. Only take ’em off to put new ones on. (or a puncture)

    Edric 64

    Same ones all year until they wear out .Then buy whatever is cheapish and lightish in a sale


    Most of my mates use fire XC’s and seem pretty happy with them all year round.

    I use verticals as they are a tenner.


    Yep, atm I’m running Kenda Nevegals on FS’er and WTB somethingorother on SS.


    Conti Verts all year round.

    Premier Icon bigjim

    Yeah I leave them on til they wear out, only exception being in deep snow when I put big fat high rollers on for low pressure fun.

    I find the what tyre for llandegla/tuesday/I crashed therefore its the tyre threads quite funny, probably shows that marketing can make you think you need all these things.


    IRC Mythos XC 1.95’s every ride. I keep telling myself I should move with the times but I fear change … 😉


    I’ve a set of Gazza’s on my bike, been these since I bought it last year and there they shall remain until I absolutely must replace them. Local bike hsop told me I could save a load of weight by replacing them with something lighter, but 3 punctures for my mate compared to my no punctures at Fort William settled that one for me.

    Premier Icon Matt24k

    I run the same make and model all the time, Kenda Nevegals. However I swap sizes and rear compounds depending on where I am riding and what the conditions are.
    Front is either a 2.1 or 2.35 Stick e
    Rear is either a 1.95 or 2.1 Stick e but sometimes I run a 2.1 DTC which is a dual compound and rolls faster.


    Quite a pile in the garage – mainly due to the fact of trying to get something that’s a decent volume but won’t rub the drive-side chainstay on my fuel ex – the clearance is piss poor!


    yup, I use mine till they croak (with the rare exception of some REALLY bad purchases that got banished to the misfit tire bin b4 they wore out) I’ve never gotten the same pair twice tho…I like mixing things up a bit, keeps it interesting 😆

    i use UST Nevegals all year round in the UK and the alps. already got the next pair for 20 quid each from CRC waiting to be fitted.


    I buy whatever is on offer….this has resulted in me having some 2.1 Bontrager MR2s, some 2.2 Specialized Captains and some 2.25 Panaracer Cinders for when the terrain is really difficult.

    None of them were any more than £20 and i’m not a good enough rider that i’d know whether i had a £40 quid tyre on the front or not.

    For what its worth the Panaracer Cinders were superb at the Eastridge Gravity Enduro, didnt lose traction once….i will be taking them off soon and keeping them as my ‘go-to’ tyre for when i want ultimate grip.


    One more – I’m just too lazy/ tight/ unskilled to want to have more than one set of tyres. Currently been using Bonty Jones ACX for about 3 years; will have to change when they wear out as they no longer make them!


    red fire xc all year, all trails, all conditions. Been using them for years, not fashionable I know but I like them.

    4ndy B

    I don’t faff about with tyres

    I just use a different bike instead

    2 of my bikes have Charge Splashback tyres

    1 has Schwalbe Black Shark Mud & Nobby Nics on

    1 has Rocket Ron/Racing Ralph

    I just pick the bike with the right tyres for the conditions 😉


    Does anyone on here just use the same tyres all year no matter what?

    the brand is unimportant otherwise this will turn into an ironic tyre thread.

    I’ve discovered that whatever tyres on-one are selling off at a tenner a pop are excellent all year round any conditions tyres..

    In fact they are so good that I leave them on til they wear out.. and then I see what on-one are selling off at a tenner a pop..

    It’s foolproof

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