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  • Does anyone make this?
  • faceplanter

    It used to exist didn’t it?
    It was called a Blur 4x, 115mm rear and up to 160mm front. Was heavy-ish though and the geo is quite steep for today’s typical angles.

    I looked about for a frame as Chilled 76 is doing and this was the closest I got..


    Nuke….Yeh agreed, the seat tube is too short though to get a post in long enough for my inside leg… I looked at these as freeborn were knocking them out really cheap a while back. Was tempted to build a short one up for the wife as an all dayer as she’s 5ft1, then realised she’s happy as larry with her bFe so left it.

    Faceplanter… Tim, didn’t know you used this forum! If you fancy a peaks ride this weekend give me a shout. Yeh kind of looking for a modern version of the old blur 4x, so a bit slacker and lower bb.


    Nothing readily springs to mind, comemcial hip hop with 66 ha but 120 on the back? Your spitfire is 140 isn’t it?
    If you want more snap how about having a play with a volume kit in your shock for 20 quid and 5 minutes tinkering as a stop gap


    Sodajim, no the 2013 onwards (new style one with bearings not bushes) are 140mm. The old version was 125mm but 66.5 head angle with a 150mm fork and still has a low bb at that.

    Volume kit? I’ll google this, didn’t know it existed? It’s a kashima rp23 with ctd lever.

    I ride my SC Blur LT2 with 160/140 and it works for me. Which was sweet for two years and then JTech-Suspension transformed it to even better with custom tuning for my weight.

    Climbs like a hardtail


    I browse here when the good lady is watching crap TV, so quite a lot!

    I think I am working one day this w/e so will let you know 😉


    It’s a niche market because nobody else seems to suffer with your problem.

    Just add more air into the shock would help resolve the issue.

    Premier Icon 18BikesMatt

    This is exactly the sort of prooblem we hoped to solve with our ‘custom front ended full suspension project’ – snappy name. The idea was that we would have a suspension system that would run different travels and we could then build a front triangle to suit whatever fork and geometry combination was required. The first prototype sounds like it is exactly what the OP is after. It was my personal bike and was 100mm rear, 140mm front with a 66 head angle and a low bb. It has taken a bit of a back burner for now but may be resurrected in the future.

    If anyone is interested, please pester me at"> and it will take a higher priority


    Premier Icon kelvin

    Thanks for the suggestions Kelvin. I guess everyone running fairly hefty hardcore hardtail should listen to you and make sure they ditch their frames and have the 125mm travel you specify as it won’t be any different.

    Err… except that a hardtail doesn’t have pivots + shock etc.

    If you’re obsessed by it, change your shock. Work out how much less stroke you need to lose 25mm.


    I used to have a yeti 4x with a talas fork and rode it on 150mm all the time – fantastic!


    Thanks Matt.

    Kelvin, that’s not a bad suggestion.. although I’m thinking the volume reducer that was just suggested might have a similar/easier to achieve effect.

    Premier Icon tmb467

    Ok – what about a scott voltage* with the short shock shuttle and a 200mm /50mm i2i shock

    Leverage ratio is about 2.2 so it’ll be a bit longer than 100mm but frame will take it ok

    It’ll definitely take 150mm forks – you should be able to keep the top low by using flat bars and it’s not ‘that’ heavy built up. Light wheels and components will allow a sub 30lb build but you’ll need a 420mm seatpost. I’m 5″8 and am more than happy on a 350mm seatpost with plenty to spare

    *StW recommend what you ride opinion

    Edit: btw I ride it 160/150, not 150/110


    ive got a tallboyC – 140mm on the front and 100mm on the rear

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Oh, PS- original Cotic Hemlock.

    Premier Icon kelvin

    That’s what I ride.

    Cotic Hemlock was 150/120 wasn’t it?

    (ah – beaten to it).

    I used to run my Helius CC and AC in short travel modes on southern trails and switch to longer for big days out. Nicolai dropped the feature as they found very few people were using it and in my experience it didn’t make enough difference to faff with it.

    We looked at the 4X short rear/burly front but didn’t pick up enough demand.


    not read the other replies…but what about a trance with an angleset and 150mm fork…

    125 rear travel and around a 67 HA?

    Van Halen

    Original hemlock had 100mm rockers

    It also snapped. Although if you find one still.going it will prob have updated chain stays. Cy wouldn’t warentee one for me for jumpy fun woodsy riding though. Which is a shame cos it looked amazing for just that.

    Scott is probably the only thing available. Crap for riding anywhere other than dh though I’d guess.
    I have a Norco fluid lt I’m gonna put a 10mm shorter shock in. Should be about 100/150 when in the short travel setting. Will be mint if it works!

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