Does anyone make small pickups?

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  • Does anyone make small pickups?
  • 2hottie

    I drive a Holden Omega/Commodore Ute at work, like the green one in HH’s post.

    Tiny inside the cab, even the small files I need on site fill all the available space. The tray is pointless with the cover on. The one we have is LPG so the spare wheel is in the bed and the ladders are wedged in next to that.

    The wing mirrors are like bread knifes so…. point less, the over hang at the back is massive and it’ll light the wheels up with alarming ease…. The one I use has Council stickers on it so I really don’t need to be doing burnouts! Still, unlike what Zokes says it does get a shift on when you need to. A pointless car but try telling any of my Aussie mates that.

    Also with the tray cover you can’t see much out of the back! Did I mention the massive blind spots it has too….

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)

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