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  • Does anyone have a jacuzzi bath?
  • Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Sorry, I’m just plunging this place of information lately, but it’s very helpful thank you!

    Does anyone have/has had, a jacuzzi bath and any advice/experiences to share? It’s going to be a 1600, with a shower screen.

    Thanks, again.

    Only after a tin of beans

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    We may next week – the house we are putting an offer in on has one! We would never have put one in ourselves – seems a needless item.


    Everyone who has a jacuzzi bath gets Legionnaires Disease. Fact.

    *possibly only an internet fact

    Premier Icon ton

    don’t have a bath, just a shower.
    what a stupid decision that was…….. 🙁

    Had one in a previous house, far too noisy to be relaxing, not powerfull enough to be of any massaging benefit, and like any bath, the water was cold in 20 minutes.


    IF space allows build it on a plinth, about a foot high with a step to the full length,reason being it allows you beter acces tothe gubins underneath or at the back of the bath, also be aware it may not amuse your neighbour if its on a party wall.Due to noise etc.


    Our house has one, it was in when we moved in, it’s a completely pointless item.

    It’s noisy, uncomfortable, and a waste of space (a normal bath of the same dimensions would be an excellent item that would be welcome in my bathroom).

    Whatever you do, don’t get one, ours will be coming out as soon as we can face fitting a new bathroom.

    Can you tell we don’t like it? 😉

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Our chalet on the last ski holiday had them. Other than pumping someone else’s congealed muck, which has been festering in the pipes for a few days, into your clean bath, and then apathetically bubbling it around, I can’t see the point in them.


    A few years ago I visited a property where the owners had installed what can only be described as an enclosed multi-jet shower cubicle with seating for two and a waterproof TV with speakers and control panel. £8000 apparently, and that’s excluding all the other fittings and finishing kit in the bathroom. Was only a converted 3 bed chalet bungalow type place as well. ****ing hideous it was.


    We’ve got one in one of our en-suites. I think it’s pretty good.


    We have one. Turn it on to clean it out once a month, otherwise it’s just a big bath with holes and a plug/


    I have nothing to Add that hasn’t already been said. All the above things are true. If u don’t clean it regularly when u do use it, it smells awful.


    We have one as the previous owners installed it. Absolute pain in the arse and would never recommend one. Wish we could afford to replace it with a normal bath.

    Jacuzzi/bubble thing is not relaxing so we don’t use it. Still have to clean it with jacuzzi bath cleaner or a dishwasher tablet. Despite this you still find yourself sat in a bath with bits of biofilm/mould floating around you which grow in the jets.

    May be less of a pain if you use the jets regularly and clean it regularly but wouldn’t want the water bill for this.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Again, I love this place. Normal bath search resumed; thanks!


    Yep stick with a normal one. We got carried away and bought one. Its been the biggest pile of crap we’ve had in a long while.


    I thought about one but seemed like too much hassle. In the end just went for what they call a deep bath. It’s kind of a figure 8 shape and can hold two with the tap on the side. Perfect sex pond! Plus it is deep enough for me to test my scuba kit!


    We have one. It was in the house when we bought it. Not very relaxing due to the noise, need to run bleach through the jets to stop them smelling through lack of use. When we redo the bathroom we’ll not be sad to see it go.

    Weve got one that I installed about 4 years cos the WIFE wanted one (I never have baths)
    Yer learn by yer mistakes, next year its coming out and i will take pleasure
    In placing it in a skip at the local tip. They are a shite.


    We’ve had one for 10 years or so, waste of time/money, used it recently because the shower was u/s. Shower fixed, bubble bath sits unused again. We should have put a normal bath in with a shower over.

    and like any bath, the water was cold in 20 minutes.

    They go colder much quicker than a normal bath of the same volume because of the water movement.


    We had one when we brought this place, sold it on eBay for £75.
    You develop a fear of the potential for a black mould bath every time you turn it on.
    Had one in a sleezy hotel in Brighton once, much fun had turning it into a mega bubble machine with Mr Matey & the Mrs.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    I’ve had two goes in a jacuzzi in my life. One with an eastern European ex professional ballroom dancer. One with my M-i-L (at centrePARC’s, natch)

    Memorable for different reasons.

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    theotherjonv – Member

    I’ve had two goes in a jacuzzi in my life. One with an eastern European ex professional ballroom dancer. One with my M-i-L (at centrePARC’s, natch)

    Memorable for different reasons.

    That’s why I love this site, the whole spectrum of life 😀

    TBH I find Bath’s a bit gruesome these days, since having a wet-room put in 2010 the thought of sitting in dirty water (all be it my dirt) seems silly


    I bet he does.

    A marine engineer on a cruise ship told me that if you ever had to clean the filters in a jacuzzi you would never, ever get in one. Apparently they get gunged up with fat.


    I accidentally got assigned a hotel room with one it. I was quite keen to try it, but when I did I could not beleive the racket the pumps and swirling water made. Took all the ‘romance’ out of having a swirling pool of water. After about 5 minutes I felt so guilty that it might be disturbing people in all the ajoining rooms or below me that I turned it off and for the rest of the stay used it as a normal bath, with the pumps off. I was stunned how disappointing it was, due to all the noise it made.

    Premier Icon iain1775

    Got one in our old house as the whole suite was on offer and cheaper than similar suite with a normal bath, used it about 3 times in 8 years, due to all the reasons listed above
    Have a corner one in this house as previous owners put it in. In 7 months here its been on once, for cleaning
    Complete waste of money, a bath with traditional bubble bath is more soothing

    I’ve just installed one for a customer. It’s quiet, reasonably powerful, has a heater on board, LED lights and it turns itself on again when the bath is empty to clean out the water from the pump.

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