does anyone have a crystal ball – or a good knowledge of scottish weather…

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  • does anyone have a crystal ball – or a good knowledge of scottish weather…
  • I am planning on taking my two youngest boys to scotland to ride the great glen way. I’m having a dilema about timing – we usually do our big bike ride trip at easter but I checked last years weather and it was a bit chilly (-7 on april 5 apparently)

    but it could be measured at a weather station on a big cold hill for all I know. the other option is to go in May – but then we risk getting eated alive

    we will be bikepacking and that does limit the amount of warmth we can carry – really am torn on this one!


    Its Scotland so you’ll get 4 seasons in one day 😉

    With Easter being early you’re probably worth waiting until May. Last June I was fine for the Midges with a bit of sensible camping in a slight breeze, so May should be fine.

    Worth checking the wind direction as well as it can howl up and down the great glen.

    Worth asking Gari and t’other forum. Hes Aviemore based so will be able to give you a locals view


    Have a lowland back up plan that the boys would enjoy and go anyway. 🙂

    we did fort wiiliam to fort Augustus and back a couple of years ago, if that was anything to go by their back up plan of choice would be living wild in the woods

    good point chew – will put it on there too. im hoping going up to inverness we’ll have a bettrr chance of favourable wind

    b r

    Easter 2012, Glentress – 1st week (note short sleeves):

    Easter 2012, Glentress – 2nd week:

    oh yes the other minor detail about may – it would mean doing wrt lite and coming home grabbing boys and jumping on a sleeper train. doable but a bit of a squeeze

    it was a bit of a weird one last year but thats daft!

    our trip last easter was to the isle of man. the boys were out having a snow ball fight as I was packing all our light camping gear. they did make me find web cams on the island to prove it wasnt covered in snow. it was a bit nippy but we survived

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    Expect weather. 🙂

    Dress for it.

    Then you’ll enjoy the ride. Just keep off the road – it’s full of people goggling at the loch hoping to see the monster.

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    Statistics indicate we’re more likely to have a White Easter than White Christmas – especially as it falls so early this year.

    End April/start of May is the most settled period. It’s usually dry and you can escape the worse of the midge. Having said that, I’ve had snow falling on my tent in June.

    FWIW, Smidge repellent might just make all the difference. I’ve been using it for a couple of summers now and I’m amazed at the difference it makes compared to any of the usual remedies (including Skin so Soft). I reckon it’s as effective as DEET yet has none of the side-effects.


    May has been amazing for a few years but last year was a bit earlier. I’d go for May 😀

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    As Scotland goes late April / May is about the best time of year for anything outdoors. Easter is early this year though so you could get anything. I’d go in may and take some smidge


    May is usually sunny in Scotland, sunny enough for sunburn and dehydration to be a concern. By June and certainly by July midges and rain will be about.


    I’ve been lucky a few times in May, early and late Bank Hols.

    Yeah was out with a DofE exped last year 20th ish of April. -7 and snow in the evening and shorts and sunburn the next afternoon.

    If Easter time be prepared for wet weather and/or a 20degree temp change and you’ll be alright.


    Cheers for the recommendations guys, sorry we cant help with the weather forecast or the midge forecast yet!

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    Oh aye – it’s probably worth linking to that!

    thank for the advice, smigde sounds cool will give it a go – have always avoided dousing the kids in insecticides favouring the ‘dont breath out and run about faster’ line parental advice.

    May not help them but it is hilarious to watch!

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