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  • Does anyone fell sorry for the yoot?
  • tazzymtb

    If you mean, “does anyone sympathise for the youth of today and how they are demonised as being somehow worse than we were when young, by a combination of stereotyping, lazy journalism and daily wail-eque rants” then yes I do rather feel sorry for them.

    If however “fell sorry for the yoot” is some sort if urban lingo, then I’m afraid I have no idea what you are on about chap.

    No, not really.


    So come on then, what have the yoot done? Pished through your letterbox??

    Those who criticise the current generation forget who raised it

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Need to expand on your post OP. Youth in general or one in particular.

    Ben makes a good point though…


    I didn’t raise any of them, so I’ll criticize as much as I like thank you

    And there all gobs*&es, so no I don’t feel sorry 😀


    Not sure why OP started 2 threads with the same title?


    No I don’t feel sorry for them. Nor do I despise them.
    I was yoot once!
    I quite like them.
    SB 🙂

    i thought this was going to be about some type of australian motorized vehicle 😕

    As night follows day, every generation thinks the one following it is going to hell in a handcart. Funnily enough, they’re always wrong.


    My daughter’s yoot. She’s freakin awesome. So she tells me.


    Very funny.

    When I was a teenager there were three million unemployed.
    There was controversy about exams.
    The government were messing things up.
    The media demonised us and told us we had no hope.

    Does any of this sound familiar?

    This was over 20 years ago by the way. It’s a ritual.

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    Death by spelling error!

    Premier Icon billyboy

    If today’s youth is the topic….

    ……….then I’m well impressed with my kids’ peer group, but they are all fairly industrious, motivated, and well behaved.

    ……….I’ve always been less than impressed with the significant minority who break into your car, mug your granny, trade in illegal harmful substances, involve themselves in gang warfare, etc etc etc, or even the mobs of unruly kids who just generally congregate on numerous street corners and depress the quality of life for everyone for want of robust correction. But there again many bankers and many politicians have been depressing every ones quality of life aswell!!!!


    i blame the parents…

    They behave far better than we did.

    b r

    Yes; I’ve 3 teenagers and can not just see how tough it is at the moment, but how tough the short term is going to be.


    They behave far better than we did.

    this… with bells on

    FWIW I quite like youths, although I couldn’t eat a whole one..


    Sorry all

    The original text of my thread was lost when the mods deleted my other post with same title. Why were there 2? Hamster problems I suspect

    Whilst an interesting set of responses. It’s not where i was going at all

    As you were




    I do…being sold as a bike vehicle…sad indeed…

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