Does anyone else take their helmet off uphill?

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  • Does anyone else take their helmet off uphill?
  • GW

    oliverd1981 – Member
    sounds like GW needs a new XC lid.

    sounds like you might be a baldy 😉
    HTF can wearing a hot sweaty lid ever be more comfortable than not wearing none?


    If we’re honest, the bigger issue here is the use of a full face helmet at GT.
    Can’t be too careful, you might trip over your mound of body armour in the car park.


    proteus, munrobiker, i’ll take the bait. The helmet is a met parachute, so i’m apparently increasing my risk. No other body armour involved.

    Premier Icon jameso

    I find a good defense against ‘should you be..’ or ‘you shouldn’t do … ‘ etc type commments from ‘helpful’ types -usually grumps on foot but not always-

    is a really loud, forced / exaggerated Pirate impression. Maybe with added crazy-eyes. It silences people every time. So far. If it avoids a debate and is as stupid as the opening question, ‘everyone’s a winner, matey’

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    ‘Away and take yer face for a shite’

    Would have been an ideal response, in hindsight.


    You should have whipped it out of your pants and said, “I am wearing a helmet, you helmet!”


    On long climbs (>10 mins) I take mine off on and off road because I sweat like the proverbial when the temperature is above about 15 degrees. My sweatband gets saturated and the sweat then just drips in my eyes, so better to take it off I think.


    i was at glentress in the summer,took my helmet off for the climb as it was boiling hot and was climbing a bit that kinda zig zagged going up to the top and chain slipped i fell of down the hill and landed on my helmet on my camelbac,so in a strange way my helmet stopped me banging my naper on the trail…

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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