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  • Does anyone else here supinate…?
  • MrSmith

    yes. gave me knee miss-tracking and muscle imbalance in my thighs as it gave me a knee in pedalling style with road shoes that tend to flatten the foot out, all sorted with cleat wedges and custom footbeds.

    Thanks – Did you go to a specialist for a diagnosis/footbed? I’m torn with paying a lot for an assessment vs. just buying a footbed and potentially damaging myself more…

    I supinate (put all the weight through the outside) of my left foot and, although it doesn’t give me pain, it’s time to get it sorted. Anyone here use orthotics or excercises to sort out foot problems like this?


    i used specialized bg insoles and wedges for mtb/commuting but using road shoes/pedals with a flatter more rigid insole caused me a few problems, basically an overdeveloped vastus lateralis (outside thigh muscle),glute misfiring and some itb discomfort. a sports physio diagnosed the problem and a good bikefitter (sigma sport kingston) did the cleat shimming/custom footbeds. my knees now pedal straight and don’t brush the top tube and i have no other itb problems.

    cheap way: specialized insoles and some wedges and make a note of where your knees are.

    more expensive: get custom footbeds (sidas) and get a bike fitter to look at your knee tracking and cleat set-up and adjust shims accordingly.

    i often see people with knee mistracking riding around with no problems but i couldn’t ride for more than an hour and would need 2 days off the bike if i didnt use the footbeds/shims

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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