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  • Does a number 1 hair cut look rough?
  • Ho hum

    For the last 10 years I have always had my hair cut very short and 3 years ago I went from a number 2 to a number 1 grade and I like it (it also helps alleviate the psoriasis of the scalp I suffer from).

    My wife does not like it, my in-laws do not like it and I reckon my children don’t like it.

    As a result I had a number 2 rather than a number 1 today and now I don’t like it and at the end of the day it is my barnet and my self-esteem.

    So STW, does a number 1 look rough?

    Please cast your votes and then I can present them to the opposition 😉
    Please say yes or no

    Yes (with the wrong clothes…sorry)

    Edric 64

    I have a number 1 sometimes but don’t have it cut that way if I have a business meeting coming up as I look like a big thug.


    Ho hum – Member
    at the end of the day it is my barnet and my self-esteem.

    Premier Icon transporter13

    I prefer the no guard option…but i look like a big thug anyway


    Bollix to number one, attachments off for me. Not got as much on top as I once had so it’s a no brainer. I remember having a dilemma about it years ago and can honestly say that after a day or two to get used to it it’s great. Though when I see myself in the mirror I always think my hair is longer than it is when I catch my reflection.

    As mentioned above, I’m not boy band material, more bank robber chique…


    Yes, but it’s better than a comb over if your going a bit thin.

    (I have a grade one most of the year and in conjunction with the 3 inch scar on my neck I probably look at bit rough.) 😕

    Never went below a 3 myself purely ‘cos I don’t like the look go nyumber one but cut it less often?

    I had a bit of a disaster trying to do me own hair with clippers a while ago, ended up having to have a No.1 all over. Frightened even myself, looking in the mirror. Just looked like a psychotic thug. A mate nicknamed me ‘Romperstomper’. 😯

    Wondered wether it’s preferable to my ‘normal’ look, ‘Mental Institution Inmate’. When it gets a bit long, then I look like a deranged lunatic. My hairstyle never looks like I chose it myself.

    Can’t win really. 🙁


    if your family get to choose your hair cut, then you get to choose theirs, simple 🙂

    Depends on how bald you’d be otherwise?

    Ho hum

    The thing is that I seem to be blessed with really thick hair, although it is going grey, and I am very quickly approaching 40 with no signs of baldness and so when it is cut really short and grows back in it looks like a silver 5 o’clock shadow and most people do seem to associate a number 1 with trouble.

    My hairdresser did say that she could give me a 1 and a half, maybe that is the answer?


    No 1 – What are you a hippy? I gave up on them a long time ago. Zero, half or balding clippers for me. If I try to do it myself I just shave the lot off. A day later you have the desired result.

    Even though I say it myself I do not look like a thug, or a psychopath.


    Too rough. Number 2 is the lowest I reckon

    If you get it done at the barbers get a 1 at the side faded into a 2 over the top.

    Ho hum

    The Southern Yeti – Member
    Depends on how bald you’d be otherwise?

    If I grew it in I would look like one of those Yugoslavian war criminals1 You know the ones with the big hair?

    I actually think it would be easier if I was going bald as it is more acceptable to skin it all off if that is the case.

    Premier Icon PeteG55

    Either bald or not, think 1 is that funny halfwya, either cut it all of or don’t. I go grade2, but I do have dark thick hair that looks longer than it actually is.

    If I grew it in I would look like one of those Yugoslavian war criminals1 You know the ones with the big hair?

    Oh dear. Not a good look:

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Bowl cut. Get your mum to do it with kitchen scissors.

    Or use my approach and just neglect to get it cut for years on end. Sooner or later you hit the balance point and it falls out as fast as it grows.

    Ho hum


    You got it Elfin.

    My hair would look like that if I grew it long and it isn’t pretty is it? 😆

    It actually has the same wave in it as well! Maybe I should be questioning who my real father is!


    As someone that is slowly balding / thinning, I’d say grow your hair if you have the ability.


    I’ve got some straighteners you could borrow that would sort that out ho hum

    Ho hum

    emsz – Member
    I’ve got some straighteners you could borrow that would sort that out ho hum

    Thank you emsz!

    You have made me laugh about my hair conundrum and now I am off to bed as it is really cold up here 🙂

    I feel your pain. I just get compared to the likes of Ian Brady or Charles Manson or someone like that. Nice. 😐


    just razor it and embrace your inner baldy and scare the hell of people that believe in stereotypes. I find being incredibly polite to people whilst looking like a serial killer un-nerves them even more. 😀


    I agree with pieface (reading that back sounds quite strange somehow). Yes, make the most of what you’ve got. I used up my hair allocation when I was young. Now it’s vanishing but still dark – I’ve managed with a number 7 for a while but that isloated tuft at the front may force me to be brutal. Can you dye stubble?

    Some of us have no choice.

    0 all over for me, every fortnight – although my shit hair sticks straight out from my scalp, rather than laying flat, so after a fortnight I look like a right **** (due to the receding hairline).

    I don’t look ‘rough’ though, just hard as fook!

    As an aside, my face never gets ‘clean shaved’ and gets the clipper treatment when I do my head – face needs doing with stubble trimmer once/twice a week though between haircuts.

    making the most of what yo have got…At almost 50 I realised that I still have full head of dark hair and I have been crewcut for decades so decide to grow it. quote honestly its a pain. I have to pay a real hairdresser to keep it in trim, It gets in my eyes when cycling, it takes ages to dry. I am not sure how much longer it will last before the clippers come out again

    Teej – I used to have nearly shoulder length hair – now that is a bloody pain in the arris.

    Tango Man

    Bald patch sort of dictates my hairstyle, so it is a number 0 and a BIC for me, makes me look scary, then I get fake tattoes, drink beer and smoke tabs, I look really evil me! 😆


    A zero is much easier – for some reason a one takes longer to do.
    I’m just not a good morning person so having such short hair saves loads of hassle when I wake – plus it’s cheaper (I’m a cheapskate too)

    don simon

    Number 1 cut- check.
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier- check.
    Tattoos- check.

    Draw your own conclusions. 😀

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Seriously! 🙂

    I agree with TJ and I seem to remember from some pics that he has indeed a fine head of hair.

    Be proud of your wavy hair and seek out a good barber who is able to ‘tame’ it.

    Just ignore all these jealous ones on here. 🙄

    Premier Icon MartynS

    no a number 1 haircut looks awsome.. I’d rather have that than a number 2 on my head…..


    Zero or 1, but tbh this sentence pretty much wraps it up for me: “it also helps alleviate the psoriasis of the scalp I suffer from”

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Guard off and every sunday night it gets cut.

    I’ve gone bald, so it had to go..


    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Hair loss is no joke.
    My work-mate went from this…

    Le Bufon! by pten2106, on Flickr

    To this.

    FlashbackDave by pten2106, on Flickr

    Ok, so there was a bit of photoshopping but its not pretty gentlemen.
    “No4 on top, 2 at sides & back for me. And dont square the back off woman.” being my preffered stylee.


    Every summer I think of having a really short hair cut, have it all shaved off.

    Use to do it all the time when I was a child, just go into the barbers and have a number 3 or 2.

    Did it a couple of years back, just for the convenience, it was summer and hot when wearing a helmet on the bike.

    I’m now banned from having them as I look too scary/mad with one.
    Pity really as short hair is minimum maintainance and cool in the summer.


    a crew cut does not make one look rough.. It is the cut of common sense and practicality..

    I vouch for a grade 0 myself.. Beauty really does come from within.. so as long as you don’t have facial features that portray an unsavoury lifestyle a short cut can only serve to make you look assertive.. clean and practical..

    The same can be said of long hair that requires tying back..

    It’s all the comprimising vanity cuts in between that portray weakness of character..

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