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  • Do your organic brake pads squeal?
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    organics have always been quiet for me. Sintered for me have varying degrees of noise depending on random conditions.


    My SS organics are silent usually, although they can howl a bit if they get wet. Once dry they’re silent once more.
    Similar with SS sintered.
    Cant remember about SS Kevlar ones, think they’re silent most of the time.

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    My Formula Oro organics squeal a bit in the wet, but nothing like as bad as the SS sintered ones. And the organic ones lasted way longer too, and stopping power feels a lot better.

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    My XT’s always squeaked (back and front) regardless of winter/summer with sintered pads.

    Swopped to organic and the squeaking improved in the dry but took a thorough cleaning of the disks and the squeak has now completely gone. May be worth taking your disks off and thorough clean, may help.

    just after the general consensus, put yet another set of sintered in (thinking id glazed the first set) and straight away and even after bedding them in properly and for the remainder of the ride howling squeal when pressing the brakes with any anger!

    i used to run superstar sintered, and have done for ages summer/winter, i dunno if the recent batch have been shite but mine have all recently started doing it!

    so im hoping going to organics will cure this, so regardless of brand really are the organics actually going to be quiet, assuming everything else is ok (i know most brakes squeal in the wet, but i dont expect any noise in the dry)

    so do you organics squeal?

    Cheers guys

    I’ve cleaned the disc and its brand new too, pretty sure it’s just the current batch of SS sintered!

    I can deal with squeal from organics in the rain as its to be expected until they get used and warm up , but when your in the dry and going for it down a long fast descent annoying death squeal from sintered I’d truly awful, and that’s where I’m at with mine

    Just gonna bang some organic in 4 packs for 18 quid even if they last slightly less ( I will bed them in properly this time) I’d can’t be doing with that noise

    Well just to update incase any one else searches

    Banged in a new pair of uber bike semi metallic / organic and low and behold absolute silence!

    Also feel a million times better braking wise than SS sintered!

    Dunno whether SS sintered suddenly have a dodgy batch but I couldn’t get them stop squealing at all, I’ve used them for years and no noise in he dry or wet then suddenly the last two pairs the same noise

    Anyways I’ve properly bed these in for the first time in ages on organic and the bite is great, really solid grippy braking and silenceeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Not bothered it they squeal in wet weathers I’m sure once I’ve got them hot again they will be quiet like normal, and at 18 quid for four sets even if they get half the wear over sintered I can live with that given the silence

    So organics for the win for me


    Where from? Link please? Ta

    Premier Icon paulmgreen

    Yes…. Link please!

    link for what the pads?

    they are organic/semi metallic from uberbikecomponents below

    impressed, the spring seems springier than the superstar ones, and they fit in great, often the SS ones are too fat

    these i got in straight away and perfectly aligned with no rub straight away…

    they squealed as i bed them in (maybe due to the sintered surface left on my rotors where id not cleaned them)

    but as soon as they cooled down not a sound all the way regardless of style of braking


    these i got in straight away and perfectly aligned with no rub straight away…

    Been battling with some superstar ones last week, they seemed far too thick and even after a re-bleed there is some rub.

    yeah dunno just seems odd never had an issue with sintered superstar for ages, quiet as a mouse for 2 years then suddenly out of nowhere cannot stop the squeal and the pads just seem much thicker

    i did a couple 10ish hard stops down a hill on these uber ones, and spun the wheel and it spun and spun and spun for ages

    for me if they wear quicker the organic at least you can have a nice quiet ride, nowt worse than razzing through the woods and cheeky FP’s and having to listen to that noise when braking, 4 packs for 18 quid cant really go wrong

    my last set of organics lasted just over 2 months without bedding in and some grotty rides with alot of peak grit and braking etc

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    My SS sintered rubbed a lot. In fact wouldn’t even go in to start with. But when I put a micrometer on them the thickness was thinner than stock Formula organic, which was strange. Maybe they’re ever so slightly curved or something.
    Had to let oil out to get pads in. And all seems fine, but the stock Formula are 2x better and 2x the price and lasted way way longer. And since we’re talking about a critical safety item, I’m happy to pay the price of a beer or 2 extra for a component on a 2 grand bike.

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