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  • I didnt really want one. Love shagging though. I suppose the invention of contraception meant you had to choose but from an evolutionary perspective men didnt need to choose as i dont think i’m alone in loving shagging. Got a kid now, he means more to me than i could even consider expressing in words. Funny thing evolution.


    Well can’t speak as a proper dad, as seed isn’t mind, but here are my pence.
    Met the SO more than 3 years ago, with no intention whatsoever to get involved in a long term relationship or having kids. However the package was SO + 3 year old wimpy one.
    So I dealt with it. I learn one thing, I am just not ready to be a dad. Don’t get me wrong. I love th wee one to bits. He’s certainly a wimp, but he’s caring, compassionate very sensitive and very impertinent (too much for his own good). I know that deep down I’ll always b number two (both for the SO and for him) but it doesn’t stop me to do my best to love them both, and if there is one thing kids do well with being demanding little feckers, is return the love you gave to them.

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    KTHXBAI??? now what could that mean


    I’m not getting too deeply into this thread but at 45 my wife me the NHS and some poor quality porn combined to produce crankbrat . It has been 13 months of utter joy sleep deprivation and crushing responsibility since he came into the world. Having a child completely changes your world there is nothing wrong or selfish in choosing not to but biology and evolution are powerful drivers and when we got ours my values and needs changed totally.

    First day back at pre-school today…

    Me – so did you meet all the new little boys and girls?

    My girls – yes

    Me – did you ask them their names?

    My girls – yes

    Me – what did they tell you?

    My girls – their names


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    From a very young age I knew I wanted kids. Now I have 2 I’m not so sure 😆


    These kinds of people are a bit wrong..

    you don’t have kids do you..?



    Yes always wanted them. Don’t get me wrong there was still a lot of soul searching before we actually decided to go for it, but then its amazing how thinking you may not be able to have them after all makes you finally sure. Even then though, first words on getting the +test were “oh sh1t what have we done”. He’s 2 tomorrow and it has been the absolute best 2 years of my life by a long long way. I haven’t ever had such an intensity of emotion about anything before, I have laughed more and cried more in the last 2 years than the rest of my life put together I reckon.

    IMO it’s something you need to be completely honest about though and if your decision is that you don’t want them, be prepared for your relationship to be over. I know plenty of women who have split up with partners because they want children and partners didn’t.


    My son’s Mum has never let me forget the magical moment when she told me she was pregnant.
    My horrified response was, “are we keeping it?”.

    I’m quite glad we kept ‘it’ now though.

    mrsflash,that’s the place we’re heading to at the moment 🙁
    But we’re determined not to let the hurt of losing each other outweigh the far bigger decision,lot of stuff to be talked through and that’s assuming that we can have children.

Viewing 10 posts - 121 through 130 (of 130 total)

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