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  • Do you ride 'cheeky' trails?
  • aracer

    I don’t understand why people in England are still saddled with this crap set of land access laws

    What most on here don’t realise is that mountain bikers are actually relatively well off in England and Wales compared to canoeists. There has been a lot of heavy campaigning for Scottish access laws for the rest of the UK from the canoeing world – far more than from cycling – I even put up a petition myself regarding this. Given the same old lies* which get trotted out in reply by the politicians (of all colours) and civil servants every time, I’d suggest the chance of any change in the law is miniscule, as there appears to be absolutely zero political will to change from the status quo.

    * I chose my word carefully – usual line is that “the way forward is access agreements because they’ve been proved to work”, when the government’s own study proved quite decisively that access agreements don’t work at all.

    Back to the OP, I don’t ride cheeky trails, I ride trails.

    yep…most of my routes have a few cheeky bits in them..


    yes, although not regularly, and only early doors when it’s not busy – todays ride consisted of plenty of footpaths, they are however well surfaced and are unlikely to fall apart at the mere sight of a wheel.

Viewing 3 posts - 81 through 83 (of 83 total)

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