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  • blackshaw


    Thinking of getting the above – anyone allready got and rate it?

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    I’ve got one of those…It’s erm, a telly…it was in my price range…I liked the colour and sounds it made…I’m struggling now….

    After a while a black box full of electronics become just like every other…..

    Top TV tip – Go to John Lewis. Free 5 year guarantee.


    the only thing not in the spec is the brightness but everything else ticks the boxes, seems a good deal and i sell ’em!


    Ive seen them online for £298.

    No 5 year warranty though, depends what that is worth to you.


    Having spent too much time looking at LCD tvs in various places I have decided that Sony Bravias are the best, according to my eyes anyway.Frustrating that some tv shops dont bother to tune in tvs properly though.You see a bad picture on a certain model in one shop and so remove it from your shortlist only to see the same model with a perfect picture in the next shop. I’m after a KDL46W4500 just waiting for the price to drop a bit more but the salespeople are saying the prices will start going back up soon.


    See my LCD TV Warranty post from yesterday.


    Same one is 349 in Sainsburys according to Mrs M


    As Muke says, the Sony Bravias are currently very good as far as me and people I know seem to think. I got a KDL32w4000 and know 2 people who have recently got the 40″ versions, plus another looking at getting the w4500.
    Certainly consider John Lewis or a Sony Centre if after the 5 year warranty or else I know quite a few including myself who have used digitaldirect.


    For that sort of money Im looking at a Panasonic TH42PX80.

    Very well rated.

    Check out the AV Forums for LOTS of info on tvs.


    another top (albeit anal) tip, take your own dvd player and standard scart lead and a dvd you know really well around the shops with you.

    Comet for instance uses a stupidly long cable to connect all the tvs and the picture depends on the connection and where in the loop it is.

    They also give the higher end (sony for instance) tvs a dedicated hd signal, so it looks mint.

    this will make sure the set you are gonna go for doesnt just look good on HD telly, or bluray (hence the scart lead)…

    you’ll probly be using it mainly for standard definition if you are just watching the telly most of the time?

    I really rate LGs but its annoying, they give each chain a specific part code for each otherwise identical set, so you cant price match (and take it to john lewis)

    richer sounds ended up being the most expensive for an lg 42lg5020, I got it for £570 from curry i think?

    wonderfull picture


    I researched this a couple of weeks ago as my mum was looking for a new telly, and we saw some good deals on that model. One point worth considering is what your main source will be. The KDL-32V4000 is good on external HD sources, but was rated as just about average on SD like the internal freeview receiver. As most of her viewing is Freeview we went for a Panasonic TX-32LXD85, you can get it for £479 delivered from John Lewis with a 5 year warranty, or if you’re not bothered about having 100Hz refresh the TX-32LXD80 is about £50 cheaper.


    One thing I have noticed that the built in Sony Freeview tuner is a stunner, compared to other TV makes I looked at.

    Not that important if you are planning to use it with sky HD, or with a Blu Ray player all the time.

    But, if you are like me and are planning to use the built in freeview tuner for 80% of your viewing, go for the Sony.

    Sounds like a good deal with the 5year gtee too blackshaw


    Panasonic from John Lewis, best TV, best service, best backup.


    I looked at lots of big TVs just before Christmas & ended up buying a Panasonic TH-42PZ81B from John Lewis
    It has built in Freesat & Freeview so you get HD from BBC & ITV without any other equipment – you do need a sat dish though
    Definitely not disappointed with it


    many thanks – that narrows it to about three but Ican compare them, lots of good advice, cheers

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