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  • Do you own a onsie ?
  • unfitgeezer

    They look comfy…

    They look wrong…

    They look warm…

    They look like they should work…

    They being my kids have them…

    They look oh I don’t know…

    Yes ?

    No ?

    Just wrong ?


    Thermals FTW, you stay warm and don’t look a berk! 😛

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    Still got a thermal deep sea diving under-suit somewhere that I used as lounge-wear when I lived in the highlands and didn’t have central heating. If I got home from work late and it wasn’t worth lighting the fire I’d just put that on instead, kept me toasty even when there was thick ice on the insides of the windows. Only downside was it was so thick it was totally impossible to scratch your arse.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    wrong so wrong it’s untrue….

    why would you?
    They look comfy…really?

    They look wrong…they are

    They look warm…compared to what?

    They look like they should work…yep people can easily identify you as worth avoiding


    I’ve pretty much always owned one I think.. for multi-day winter fishing trips and suchlike (EDIT: and like maccruiskeen above, ideal for surviving dodgy accommodation)

    Although not at present.. However, we’ve just decked the kids out in Dino-onsies so I’m hoping that I’ll be next 😀


    Yeah I bought one for fancy dress. Haven’t worn it since but they are really comfy. It was bloody boiling wearing it in London in the middle of summer though 😆 I may crack it out this winter to save on bills.

    I do like a onsie in fact I raced in one and wore one for the big bike bash this year. Matching ones at that.


    Those of us who work in the outdoors (climbing, caving, paddling etc) have been rocking the onesie or ‘baby grow’ for decades.

    It’s only recently they have been adopted by the chattering classes.

    I could not live without mine. I have many for different activities/seasons etc.

    They are so very very right.


    No, my 18 YO son has one and my 14 YO daughter has one they both had them on the other day and as their father it pains me to say they looked like a couple of gimps HTH



    I’d rather own some denim


    I should have said only to be warn in the house at bed time…if I ever did own such a garment.

    jonah tonto

    i have one bought for me as a secret santa thing last year. wore it once or twice when getting home from work late and its not worth getting changed into real clothes.
    not as comfy as a pair of joggers and a hoody-
    cant scratch your arse,
    constantly have a wedgie,
    have to get naked to have a shit.


    An ex housemate of mine used to rock a novelty animal-print onesie. It used to make me want to physically assault him.

    Still got a thermal deep sea diving under-suit somewhere

    Now that’s lounging-wear for a man! Where would one get such a thing?


    I have, sort of; an ex-RAF flight suit. Had it for many years, really comfy, and surprisingly warm. It had a set of USCSS Nostromo crew patches from Alien sewn on, and I used to wear it as fancy-dress. Ideal for dossing around the house on cold cruddy days.


    I had a caving undersuit custom made about fifteen years ago. Puke green in colour but so comfy. I was so impressed that I commissioned one for each family member, from the then 1 y.o. Thomas all the way up to Mrs Ambrose. Mine still fits, but it is very- er- ‘snug’. Looking to get some more for Christmas.


    Do you own a onsie ?

    Do I ****


    So Onsies are OK as long as they are super macho ?

    I wear mine in the house all the time, but of course I did climb Everest in it, with no oxygen and I carried my Sherpas on my back when they got tired.

    And I dont’t look at all like a weird-arse result of a smurf and a teletubbie breeding, while wearing it. Not at all.



    I know I look a **** in it, I will never leave the house in it and my wife and kids laugh at me in it (a lot), but…

    I quite like to amuse my loved ones at my expense, it is very warm and comfortable, and I’m old enough not to really give a shit what people think.

    I’ve actually wanted a baby grow since first having kids, so was delighted when they finally came in my size. I just wish they had integral socks.


    If we’re talking a all in one jogging bottoms and hoodie combo then absolutely not. Can’t stand them, technical undersuits don’t count surely!?

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    My fancy dress outfit this Halloween was a devil onesie. It was toasty warm.

    It did however have a very low crotch (to give the impression of short devil legs), and the gusset ended up with a decent size hole in it…

    I would never wear one in public but would consider one for lazy Sundays…

    Premier Icon Drac

    So Onsies are OK as long as they are super macho ?

    There’s not such a thing.

    I sleep in my boxers and only started that when the kids came along before that it was bollock naked.


    Mine has a tail and a wolfs head for a hood.


    Dry suit undersuit FTW. Expensive mind.



    Although I can see how they would be pretty good for camping and stuff, once you are in your tent for the evening.


    My daughter (aged 9) has asked to get my wife one for Xmas and I do what I am told and ordered her one last week. I was then forced to get matching slippers with claws. I have a camera primed and ready for Xmas morning.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Although I have an Elvis onesie bought for a stag do, I generally wear an Australian army issue soft shell suit for lounging about the house. A bit more manly, and being 2 piece it is possible to go to the toilet without getting naked…

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    Now that’s lounging-wear for a man! Where would one get such a thing?

    I seem to have a tall fairy godmother who goes into various specialist shops and orders in extra large specialist clothing then never goes back to buy it. Some time later I arrive and said outsized garment specialist garment is on the sale rail. I got it from a yacht chandlers in Findhorn for about £15 but expect they retail for a fair bit more than that normally.

    Elsewhere the same fairy godmother had also ordered some huge ice boots with an inch thick felt lining that I got for a tenner and used to wear them round the house as slippers.

    I think anyone can extrapolate from this that I was single at the time.


    I would rather split my man bag with a blunt chisel, remove my dangly manbits with a power drill with wire brush attachment, then fill the resultant bleeding mess with hot coals, whilst fellating and orangutan with dubious personal hygiene and listen to his satisfied lip smacking sounds than wear such hideous apparel.

    Gentlemen should wear harris or islay tweed when it is cold..honestly you lot have no breeding at all

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    I soooo want one of these at the moment. They look lushly warm. Patagucci, £140.


    There can never, I repeat never, be any excuse for a grown adult of sound mind to wear a onesie, aka Jeremy Kyle suit.

    Surely a moderator can remove this sick thread !!!

    Premier Icon keefmac

    yep, i have one. daughter bought me one two years ago for xmas. a monkey one, with ears on the hood and a tail.

    Premier Icon miketually

    Did Steve McQueen ever wear a onesie? No, he did not and neither should you.


    No way. Thermal inners from Sports Direct, possibly.

    I do have quilted overalls for outdoors, though

    OP Unquestionably the most macho and hence most suitable for you are the ones with the animal ears and a disney character print on the front, preferably with a tail. You’ll look the business, trust me.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    I have a furry one peice Elvis Jumpsuit I was made to wear for my stag do. That night didn’t end well.

    I was made to wear a one peice ski suit for winning a snowboard race on a uni ski trip. It was lush. Really comfy, nice and warm, just wore boxers underneath. Zipped to the waist for some terrasse de soleil action, just needed a medallion and a couple of coats of spray tan to top things off.


    Durrr obviously 😆

    Although brov has a frog one, its a bit disturbing tbh

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    I must be a right oddity, I’ve never understood the need for “lounging about the house” specific clothing. I tend to wear, trousers, a T-shirt and if it’s cold, a jumper. Just as I would if I was walking to the shops or driving somewhere or pretty much anything else.

    2 types of clothes are acceptable. Clothes clothes and sporting clothing for sport, the two should not mix and straying outside these boundaries is for swampy types.

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