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  • Do you name your bikes or cars?
  • bruk
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    Cars are named. Two car family and my wife and I often swap between cars. It was easier to tell the kids to get into Bertie or Bertha.

    The names stayed when the cars changed. Bertie has been a 5 series (x2), S3 and a 3 series. Bertha has been a couple of X5s (big Bertha!)

    Now Bertha has been replaced by Brad as it didnt seem to suit the American Tesla.

    Horsebox is called Brian because it has to start with a b.

    Never named a bike though!

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    Not names but gender, yes.

    I have even made my partner a little jealous over the way I talk about my bike! I’m not even joking.

    I bloody love my old Jeffsy. (And my partner.)

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    I always name our cars (in the Connect App). The Audi A7 is the Death Star and the A5 Convertible Mister Frosty on account of the Turbo Blue paint job.

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    Never named a bike. Cars/vans only once, called my old Bluebird Madge on account of its MAJ numberplate.

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    My first thought was no! But then I realised that I have in the past. Only for Strava, but named my commuter the very imaginative SS Boardman. Cos it’s a Boardman, and singlespeed.

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    My 5 spot is predictably named Tina

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    It would appear that eccentricity is prevalent on STW.

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    First car was named Winona, second car was “Wi-no-name”. Current car is known as “the skip”

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    Honda Jazz is The Black Slug. 🙂

    The Doblo was The Potting Shed and my old Daewoo Nexia was Shedric.

    Bikes, not so much…..

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    I don’t, of course – why would I?

    Because someone does it for you:

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    Marvin the paranoid Mercedes with genuine people personality?

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    When we had 2 Spitfires they were “the red one” and “the blue one” for ease of reference.

    Since we’ve had larger vehicles to cart my son’s wheelchair we’ve had:
    Big Brown Bus (was initially called Shit box till kids got older, occasionally Dirt Box)
    Big Blue Bus
    Big Grey Bus
    Big Blue Bus

    Had a 308SW with the suffix “ODV” which my daughter thought hilarious to call “Old Daddy’s Van”

    Left a job with co car 2 years ago so had to get something pdq- ended up with a Golf in poverty spec grey, grey interior & grey gti wheels a PO fitted. So my son calls it Daddy’s Dung Heap ‘cos he wants me to get a “German Whip”.

    bikes just referred to by brand/model or type eg full suss or hardtail.

    This subject came up with some riding buddies who named their bikes. I had a Palomino at the time and they missed the joke when I said mine was called Patsy.

Viewing 11 posts - 81 through 91 (of 91 total)

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