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  • Do you name your bikes or cars?
  • Premier Icon slowoldman
    Full Member

    Not as a rule. Though a long time ago my green Renault 5 was Kermit (green frog, geddit?).
    I have a 90s Harry Hall 531C road bike called, unsurprisingly, Harry.

    Premier Icon higgo
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    Not really but when the kids were little we used to have a Ford Galaxy that was known as “the family fun bus” – does that count?

    Also I’m just in the process of buying a camper which has very definitely been named by its current owner. It’s a local sale and it turns out we have a number of mutual friends so we’re bound to keep bumping into each other. I just know she’s going to continue referring to it by name.

    Premier Icon desperatebicycle
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    Mine had names when I bought them. Like Passat and Instinct. Seems silly to apply additional information on top. It’s not like I have 2 Passats and need to tell them apart.

    Premier Icon Klunk
    Free Member

    it wouldn’t go to the mountain?

    Muhammad Mini floats like a butterfly stings like a bee.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog
    Full Member

    I often find myself wondering whether any of these objects have the forum/voice to be able to request gender reassignments and the like. What if daisy is more of a david?!

    You can avoid this by choosing names that are gender neutral – pro tip 🙂

    Premier Icon andrewh
    Free Member

    I find that if you name stuff you get attached to it and then upset when it breaks, so no, I never have.
    However, a couple of my friends and girlfriends have named my cars/vans.
    These have been:
    The Tardis
    The Rust Bucket
    The Toyoya
    The Hyundai
    The Van
    No bike has ever had a name

    Premier Icon tomhoward
    Full Member

    Dont have a car but bike names follow a formula.

    The [distinguishing feature] one.

    Premier Icon willard
    Free Member

    Not intentionally, but it just happens to some of the vehicles.

    My Van ended up being called Jimmy (for various reasons) and the Passat was always “Alexa” thanks to the number plate being LXA. The new car is “Bob” because it’s a Niro.

    The rest have been called “the car”, “the shitbox”, “rusty pos”, or by the mode. Actually, thos middle two were reserved for the Rover 620 I had. Such an amazingly complete shitcar. I genuinely have no idea how they made something so fundamentally bad.

    I was just about to say no, I find it a bit daft – then realised that my e-bike on strava is named Evil Kenevo

    Premier Icon somafunk
    Free Member

    I used to have names for my old cars, mk1/mk2 golf, mk2 scirocco as there was an emotional (and exorbitant expense) attachment to them but my new Tiguan is just a lump of steel used as a tool for moving my decrepit and useless carcass around

    Premier Icon Daffy
    Full Member

    Mine are called by their names: the Stache, the Litespeed, etc.

    Premier Icon susepic
    Full Member

    We don’t name cars, but on the number plate thing, we use TLAs so we can remember reg nos for parking machines
    DHU = dirty hairy undercarraige
    LMO = lubricated man organ
    NFC = new fockin car

    Premier Icon eddiebaby
    Full Member

    According to Strava my bikes are Bitch and Bastard.

    Premier Icon desperatebicycle
    Free Member

    I find that if you name stuff you get attached to it and then upset when it breaks

    Bit like farmers and their pigs really.

    Premier Icon Beagleboy
    Free Member

    Our car is called – The car

    My Orange Patriot – Ermintrude
    My Orange Four – Polly
    My old Orange P7 – Victoria (all fur coat and nae knickers)
    My newer P7 – Penelope
    My Spesh Levo – Lemmy
    My replica 1910’s pathracer – Jasper
    Our 1970’s Pashley tandem – Sybill
    Our new Dawes tandem – Enid II
    Wife’s Pashley Princess – Scarlett
    My road bike – the road bike

    Naming a car is just so weird, bunch of freaks!


    Premier Icon chiefgrooveguru
    Free Member

    I called my first car Eric because I was into Monty Python (cliched student). Everything since has been called by what it is, be it a car, a bass* or a bike.

    *Instrument not fish!

    Premier Icon bearnecessities
    Full Member

    Zebedee and Greta.

    Premier Icon Pieface
    Free Member

    I call my car Leon, cos that’s what i says on the back

    Premier Icon BillMC
    Full Member

    Missus has named the Toyota ‘The Flying Shoebox.’

    Premier Icon Flaperon
    Free Member

    My Tesla Model 3 has a name because it makes you give it one when you add it to your phone. Mine is called “Scooty Puff Jr” (Futurama reference).

    Premier Icon james-rennie
    Free Member

    Car names? no.
    Bike names? yes. Red Eddy & The Duck live together in my garage.

    Premier Icon molgrips
    Free Member

    The new car is “Bob” because it’s a Niro.

    I’d have gone for the Emperor as a nickname.

    Premier Icon cakefacesmallblock
    Full Member

    Well. Like many I don’t.
    However Mrs CFSB does:
    Our camper is apparently Wilf. Her car is Wendy.
    Her two bikes are Penny and Ginny.
    In her words my full suss bike is Smelly Boy Bike.
    Harmless, I guess, but…..

    Premier Icon bjhedley
    Full Member

    All the time! Examples include…

    Stanton Sherpa with the green/purple flip paint job – Ramona after Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim.
    Roadbike – Jennifer after the she Hulk as it’s green and white.
    First car – Leela – after Futurama because most of the time only one of the headlights worked.
    Van is called Henry, because, well, he just is.

    Not all are flattering – old gravel bike was called the Steel Pig, because it was hefty.

    It is becoming harder with newer cars. Old cars have more of a character to them and thus easier to give names to. New cars are a bit, dare I say it, soul less. Now, if anyone has a 1992 Polo GT Coupe with one working headlight going for sale, let me know!

    Premier Icon susepic
    Full Member

    Actually, we once had a FIAT Stilo estate that was known as the breadwagon

    Premier Icon NJA
    Free Member

    My car is called Nemo – Registration is NMO. It is the first car that has ever had a name (I am 58) Only did it because the Volvo App insisted on it, but it is nice to get text messages from Nemo occasionally.

    Premier Icon corroded
    Free Member

    My Dad always named cars, usually based on the numberplate or the model and always female (he was in the Navy). I can’t bring myself to carry on the tradition. My bikes are just known as ‘the road bike’, ‘the gravel bike’ and ‘the mountain bike’. That’s really boring.

    Premier Icon funkmasterp
    Full Member

    Cars, nope, just tools for a job. Bikes have all been named on Strava. Current one is The Ti Bride. Last one was The Bomb (Dirtbomb), Aqua Man (Aqua coloured Cotic) with the rest having increasingly shite nicknames.

    Premier Icon joshvegas
    Free Member

    Recently got a new car and was devastated when the wife pointed out it said “knob” so had to go for a private plate 🙁

    IT’s ironic that by getting rid of a registration that says knob you’ve made yourself look a bit of a knob 😛

    You should have owned it 😀

    Premier Icon jamiemcf
    Free Member

    When I got my last car my nephew asked what I was going to call it.


    When I replaced it my nephew asked what it was going to be called


    I made that up on the spot and was actually quite surprised and please with myself.

    Premier Icon crazyjenkins01
    Full Member

    Have named all of my recent bikes, and the duck that rides some of them!

    There will be a pattern here too 🙂

    Bossnut V1 was Cali

    Triple B V2 is called Eleanor (was stolen from work and recovered within 24hrs, so unstealable! haha) and the duck on the bars is Memphis.

    Dark Peak is Donnie (as in Darko)

    Haven’t come up with one for the Sentry Pro yet, or got a duck for it….

    Premier Icon redthunder
    Free Member

    I only name trails. But that would be a whole new thread.

    Premier Icon 4130s0ul
    Free Member

    My old Toyota Rav4 was referred to as Shankar, mostly by friends and I when working out which car would be used as packhorse for a trip. I sold it to another friend and the name still remains in use by him and his family.

    Premier Icon lesgrandepotato
    Full Member

    Indeed we have a mixture. Rora the Explorer is our T2, Redshed the Mini, Kermit the Land Rover. Dale the Cannondale, front and back bottom the touring bike.

    Premier Icon nedrapier
    Free Member

    Only the Dekerf.

    Samantha, because it seemed like a silly name for a bike. Samantha Dekerf. But it’s more often called “the SS” or “the little green bike”, mainly because Samantha is a silly name for a bike.

    Premier Icon zinaru
    Free Member

    i dont name my bikes but was boring my wife a few years back about my latest epic adventure up the pentlands. i happened to say ‘we’ at some point and she asked ‘i thought you were alone?’ i awkwardly admitted i meant me + the bike!

    Premier Icon ChrisL
    Free Member

    I’ve not named either of the two cars I’ve owned but they’ve both had stuffed toy mascots that have had names – Rowlf (a dog) for my old car and Bug (a Rhino) for my current car.

    Some of my bikes have technically had names but I rarely find myself calling them by their names. My Orange 5 was BOB (Big Orange Bike) and so my Clockwork Evo is technically BOB2. My Nukeproof Mega is officially Bikey McEnduroFace. Generally they just get called by their brand or model name – the Mega, the Orange, the Ibis, etc.

    Premier Icon davros
    Free Member

    Flaperon wins with his scooty-puff junior 😆

    Premier Icon peajay
    Free Member

    Our Tesla is called Baby Shark, it’s grey with a pointy nose!

    Premier Icon patagonian
    Full Member

    IT’s ironic that by getting rid of a registration that says knob you’ve made yourself look a bit of a knob 😛

    Fortunately I already owned it so it was a painless (free) decision 🙂

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