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  • Do you ever miss a bike that you sold?
  • zokes

    I occasionally miss my Whyte 46, more for where I went on it (did the C2C in three days on it) than how it rode. That said, the odd occasion I was actually ‘in the zone’ on it, I took on some stuff at speeds I’ve not been near on my Soul

    I’m sorry, do what with a bike?


    Intense 5.5! I sold it so I could move across the world following a woman. Bad idea, the bike was a much better ride and would have lasted a lot longer than we did. I don’t have the same attachment to my current bikes as I had to the Intense.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    My ST4 was the awesomeness. I do miss that on my HTC.


    bluechair84 – Member

    Intense 5.5! I sold it so I could move across the world following a woman. Bad idea, the bike was a much better ride and would have lasted a lot longer than we did. I don’t have the same attachment to my current bikes as I had to the Intense.

    By that description, I can only guess you’re my old housemate, Aaron, and I claim my five pounds 🙂

    How do?


    I miss my Klein Attitude in Fluoro pink/white/green, sold it years ago now but it’s one bike that still sticks in my mind when riding trails these days…

    Premier Icon Bregante

    This won’t help but the one bike I miss is my Singlecross.


    I miss my first proper mountain bike, a 1994/5 Trek 930, Trek Y22, my ST4 and the last Cotic Soul I sold earlier this year.. It was a perfect build in my opinion, weighed just under 25 lbs, looked stunning and rode superb. : (


    I don’t like to dwell on the past.


    I really want to buy a road bike but the only way to afford it would be to sell two of my bikes (Soma B-side & a singlecross). I don’t use the B-side much at all as I favour my other MTBs more. Still, I’m stuggling to bring myself to sell it.

    Do you ever really miss bikes that much? or is it a MTFU moment?

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    £5 to Zokes there! Aaron, what brings you to this parish? I miss my old GT IT1. Purely for its sheer ridiculousness and the fact it weighed more than 2 of the bikes I currently own combined….

    It did ride nicely though.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I sometimes miss my old trailstar and I would miss my old 95 fire mountain, but then I got a 97 off of Retrobike for pennies, SS’d it and it is every bit as fun as I remembered it being.

    Oddly I’ve not missed the more expensive bikes I’ve owned…

    TBH Yes OP you do need to MTFU, bikes are simply objects, you don’t get so attached to your kettle but that possesion arguably serves you about as regularly and faithfully as a decent bike…

    Bikes can be used, broken, replaced, exchanged or given away if you like, the main thing is that they are of some use/benefit to you.
    If you ride for the enjoyment of riding, and if a bike’s not being used for riding then it should be in line for the chop…

    All IMO of course…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I miss my Soul, even though I (eventually) managed to find something just as good to replace it, and a little more suited to my riding. But we kind of bonded, I learned how to properly ride on that bike, everything from first black route to first xc race to first uplift.

    And my yellow Mmmbop- though to be honest I was right fed up of it and it does absolutely nothing as well as the Ti, it was yellow.


    It’s not so bad when you get rid of something to replace it with a similar item. I’ve only had regret when I’ve sold something to pay a bill or have spent the money on rubbish.

    Any bikes I’ve missed have been because they served a certain purpose, rather than what model/make they were…I shouldn’t have sold my last hardtail!

    Mister P

    I missed my Genesis Equilibrium so much that I built a very similar one to replace it.

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    Recently sold my bike on here. Spent every single day regretting it ever since (especially as I see the parts getting listed on here)

    My advice is don’t do it or if you do sell it away from here so you won’t see it again.


    I sold my Mountain Cycle San Andreas frame, as I had a Five as well that did 80% of the things the SA did, I had been made redundant and needed the money. When I regret selling it I just remember my kids faces on that Xmas morning, and how they may have looked if I’d been skint.
    I can only imagine how it would have ridden with a CCDB……..


    dowhatwithabike? 😯

    I’m currently building up number TEN.

    I haven’t got time to ride them all any more, but yet I can’t bring myself to sell any one of them.

    The guilt though, when they look up at me with their pleading eyes from within the bike room, is sometimes too much to bear.


    Premier Icon dazh

    I’ve only ever sold one (and no I don’t really miss it), much to the annoyance of Mrs Daz. Protests have been lodged that the one-in-one-out rule isn’t working, but as I’ve explained, it takes time to find a loving home for an unwanted bike 🙂

    Premier Icon Andy

    Do I miss bikes have sold? Yes: SC Superlight, Motolite, 2003 Explosif, 853 Inbred SS(x 3 🙄 ) down the years.
    Do I regret? No; wheel size change means my needs had moved on.

    Premier Icon andycs

    Santa Cruz Chameleon painted in a lovely colour called rootbeer.Sold it to buy a five in 08.

    Premier Icon michaelbowden

    Yes, my first propper road bike a 1991 candy apple red Columbus SL tubed Daccordi built with Campag Chorus, sold when I was skint

    And my first propper mtb, a 1994 Pace Rc200F4, sold coz my poor back couldn’t take the beating it gave out

    My on-one 456 in baby blue. Loved that bike.


    Trek Remedy 9 with full X0, XTR & Fox 36s. Best bike i’ve ever owned, incredibly capable up and down. Sold it when I knocked the missus up for the first time 😀

    Premier Icon somouk

    I miss the one that was stolen from me. Never sold a whole bike really, only ever bits!

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