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  • bikebouy

    That Elfin fella.. he knows stuff.

    Ghay Clubs were/are indeed the place to go to boogie on down. If you’re light of mind and spirit you can dance all night, not get pushed around, stomped on, kicked, elbowed or spat on. Hardly any hasstle at all and some utterly fantastic sounds and blistering DJ’s.. You just have to get over the fact that you are entering a different environment and not be soooo phased when confrunted with stuff..

    Love that Party Rock, some excellent moves going on there, thanks for the linky Mr Elfin.

    TJ, binners, I KNOW that’s Bez, I was teasing. There’s never an emoticon to suggest irony when you need one, is there?


    Echo the gay scene for no pressure dance environment, couple of the guys i work with hold a lock in above the local Police Station once a year, I often wonder if the Police even know what’s going on up there, but some of the greatest parties I’ve ever been to took place above old bill in their Canteen drinking their subsidised beer and boogieing the night away.

    I love to dance, trouble is I’m now too old and to embarrassing to have anywhere near the girls that used to love to bop about with their Dad, and in anywhere other than the home I need to be pissed in order to dump the requisite number of inhibitions to get down.

    There is however a very embarrassing phone video doing the rounds with me on the bloody table dancing with the ‘twins’ at their birthday bash, funny it looks nothing like the way I think I look…


    This years xmas do will pile the pressure on to dance – no partners and the office manager girl has plumped for a cuban club with a dance floor.

    the resident ‘dancer’ in the office is a young guy who visits pinnapple dance classes frequently, so has an arsenal of ‘street’ moves – but I fear that they will amount to little when the cuban music kicks in.

    Premier Icon mustard

    I loves it I do!

    Premier Icon portlyone

    Last time I danced I was boppin’ away to Athetha Franklin. Went over on my ankle quite badly.

    Spent the next 6 days frantically trying to recover enough to be able to ride in Morzine on my first MTB holiday.

    Swore I’d never dance again after that. That didn’t last long…


    I dance like I am possessed and women flock to me as a result. My dancing sweat is better than old spice.

    Premier Icon timraven

    Lie is far too short not to dance.

    Cheesy, but I like this…

    Work like you don’t need the money
    Love like you’ve never been hurt
    Dance like nobody’s watching 😆


    Work like you don’t need the money
    does that mean go on strike regularly?

Viewing 10 posts - 81 through 90 (of 90 total)

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