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  • Do you commute to work by bike?
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    I do 8.5 miles each way 3 times a week (on a good week). Some days I love it, some days I hate it! Takes about 35mins in and about 50mins home due to it mostly being uphill. Fortunately its mostly lanes so traffic isn’t too bad but there are a few main road sections which can be busy. I’m pretty sure its not as bad as any town or city though, rogue sheep are the biggest problem!


    yes. 18 miles each way. 1 hour 10.


    5 miles-ish chorlton to trafford park fixed. Its about to double in a couple of weeks when i up sticks to reddish but the benefit of that is i’ll be able to drop into a muddy within five minutes of the new gaff. Sweet.


    8 miles in around 40 minutes. My very best time was 33 minutes but my wife thought I was going to die when I got home.

    It’s a lovely ride through the woods on a traffic free bike path with only the last mile or two into and across a small city. Haven’t done it since beginning of march when I wrecked my ankle. Healing slowly and getting impatient.


    Mine was 8 miles along a busy road, however haven’t done it since the 12th March after falling off on my way home & breaking my femur. To be fair I haven’t done any cycling since then…


    My commute is around 15-16miles each way. Depending on how epic the wind is (lincs), depends on how quick usually 41 to 55 mins. On a tues I do a 30+ miler in the middle of the day with the club. Sometimes it can take its toll ie I am knacked by thurs night.

    ron jeremy

    Mine used to be eight miles each way with only the last 1.5 miles on the way in, through traffic used to get the blood pumping, SS or fixed depending on mood/weather, best 23 minutes worst 45 minutes, but then i took the speedo off the bike, gave up timing it and just started to enjoy the ride


    My commute is about 7 miles and a really nice route, unfortunatly I get into at least one altercation most mornings so dont do it as often as i would like.


    4 Miles each way.

    I Started riding before my Son was born around 4 1/2 years ago; I hadn’t been near a bike for about 15 years at this point and I thought my heart was going to blow up after the first mile.

    I work shifts so I avoid most of the traffic. I did have a lorry undertake me on a roundabout once though. I had to jump onto the kerb to avoid being squashed with his trailer.


    mine is 6 miles each way, had to invest in a road bike as the full susser was a pig to ride in the wind and the rain 😀 😀

Viewing 10 posts - 121 through 130 (of 130 total)

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