Do tyres age in the packet?

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  • Do tyres age in the packet?
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    I reckon that as long as they’re out of UV light they’ll be fine

    Usually see cracking if they’re damaged anyway

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    ooo, 10 years old. Could be a good vintage

    Always remember when I was a wee lad, my Dad had an mk2 escort called Huey Green. He had a set of tyres for it sitting covered in the shed for years. when he eventually put them on the car…they were almost indestructible lasted longer than the car did. They never seemed to wear (probably slicker than snot tho!)


    Just found a rear IRC Mud Mad, which was always my favourite paddle-steamer of a mud tyre.

    But it’s probably been sitting in the shop since about 2001. Anyone know if it’ll be a brittle flaky relic? Or are they generally okay?


    my dad used to store his tubs for months at a time.


    Normal tyres will always degrade over time no matter how they are stored as the oils in them evaporate. Obviously darker and cooler atmospheres just delays the process.

    You will first notice that they have a blueish tinge on them, (like oil on water), then they will start to crack.

    If you’re really desperate you can buy some fairly obnoxious fluid that motor racing use to temporarily soften the tyres for a few more ‘laps’ 😉

    Or you could try Worcestershire Sauce.


    I’ve got some condoms with a best before date of 2005.

    Any takers?


    If they have been in the dark, not too hot, not too cold, then they should be fine. I’ve seen far older do OK.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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