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  • Do others update their bike aesthetically?
  • namastebuzz

    All bikes look the same covered in mud.

    The dweebs who update all their kit for aesthetic reasons are great. It means the rest of us can snap up all the bargains in the classifieds.


    doowutchalike… I pimped my bike with a rear rack yesterday.. horses for courses..

    (although I will now be able to fit that rear child seat and take the boy out with me occasionally..)

    I have a friend who has only ridden his bike twice.. but can’t stop himself from adding new parts evry few weeks to make it perform or look better.. from anodised nipples and bolts to stronger hubs and handlebars..(his latest ‘need’ being RS pikes.. presumably for the rodents in his shed to use as pogo sticks..)


    I’ve just fitted XT M770 cranks to replace the M760’s – no reason other than I prefer the look.

    Herman Shake

    The Alpine is a well recognised, beast of a bike. You don’t need to dress it up. I’d go softcore, just the headbadge. People who are likeley to care will know what it is without the decals, effortless style and stealth are the future (imho!).

    If you need a project maybe take up the more buildy end of bike geekery (I use this term affectionately) maybe wheel building or a tree melting home made night light?

    Your bike’s already splendid, branch out. You can always get an up to date Orange t-shirt.


    Seriously though it is an important issue….the wildlife out in the forest are worse than gok wan these days….just yesterday some squirrel gave me grief because my zip ties didn’t match my cables

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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