do new disc brakes come to fit?

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  • do new disc brakes come to fit?
  • ton

    gonna order some new disc brakes. years since i last did.
    do they come ready to fit? like all together with no bleeding or olive things to fit?

    because the one i bought in the past didnt.

    plus one

    Usual yes. Think some Shimano few years back came unconnected

    Premier Icon snotrag

    Most do, but not all.

    And the hoses will quite possibly be too long, and you’ll need to route the rear hose somehow on most new bikes, so I would always work on the basis of needing to bleed them anyway.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Shimano come with the fluid in place and yellow plugs on the end of the hose, so you can cut them the right length. Barbs & olives in the package to fit. So you need to trim, fit the barbs/olives and install the levers.

    Premier Icon vincienup

    Check the listing carefully. If they’re brand new retail boxed stock then in theory yes, but hose shortening or threading through internal routing is likely to end with a brake that ‘works’ but would be improved by a bleed. Don’t care about all the people claiming you don’t need to bleed after having the lever end off. Most people are going to need to bleed to get full performance after splitting the circuit.

    European bargains and other grey stock in plain boxes or bags and I’d bleed as a matter of course regardless. Someone who doesn’t care very much has swapped the levers round for UK in the vast majority of cases.


    Agree on needing to bleed if you disconnect the hose. It’ll probably work fine initially, then once the pads wear and the level of fluid in the reservoir drops, the small amount of air you got into the reservoir will start to make it into the brake line and you’ll be complaining about the wandering bite point.

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