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  • Do it all road frame help / suggestions
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    I currently have a carbon road bike, steel gravel bike and a hardtail, due to a teenage son I’m soon to be bale to pass the hardtail on to him and get a new mtb, I’m liking the idea of a nice full suspension something like an orbea occam. However i’m fast running out of space to store bikes so i’m looking for ideas for a road frame that is nice to ride on teh road but has enough clearance for easy gravel, fireroads etc, and have rack mounts. I’ve looked at at the new aluminium Sonder colibri but not in stock til april, it will take 36 mm tires, ideally i’d like something that I could get a 40mm tyre in. any suggestions?? Nice lightweight steel without a mega price tag would be ideal but open to all suggestions

    many thanks

    Premier Icon MrSalmon
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    Depends I suppose on your definition of ‘lightweight’, but – Ribble CGR 725?
    No idea what availability is like at the moment though.

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    Either the Sonder camino which takes 700×50 tyres, has rack mounts and mudgaurds. Aluminium frame, carbon fork £299.

    Or the ribble cgr (cyclo Cross, gravel or road) again takes 700×50 tyres, mudguards and rack. Even the lightweight carbon frame has rack mounts.

    Show me your ribble CGR bikes

    But if you want really posh and you have a bigger budget the specialized diverge is lovely.

    If you want frame and fork only, you should be able to get something quickly but if your after a full build then that’s where the delays come in.

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    Is kinesis tripster still a thing. The ti version is what I wanted a couple of years ago but plans changed.

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    Smash the budget and get a Reilly Gradient.

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