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  • Do I need to use a remote on a new Rockshox fork?
  • legometeorology
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    I’ve got my eye on some cheap 2021 Rockshox Judy Gold, but (1) they come without the remote and (2) I don’t or need a bar-mounted control for them anyway (they’re for a rigid single speed)

    Can I just run them without the remote at all if I’m not bothered about locking them out? Or can I just turn the dial on the fork manually?

    I read that the older Rockshox forks defaulted to locked out without cable tension from the remote, but it seems like the newer ones are different?

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    So the fork should have remote lock but isn’t supplied with the lever? If that’s the case you can always pop a cable straight into the stop on the crown, then twist the lockout knob manually and tighten the grub screw onto the cable. Effectively locking the fork open.

    That’s what I did with mine when the pushloc died.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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