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  • Do I need new pads if I’m fitting bigger rotors?
  • rockandrollmark
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    As per the title. I’ve got some single-pot SLXs running on 180mm rotors. The pads are only a handful of rides old (metal up front, resin out back). I’m thinking of sizing up to a 203mm rotor on the front as it seems like a very cheap way of getting more power on heat dissipation for very little outlay or extra weight.

    Do I need to factor in new pads too, or can I just pop on a new (bigger) rotor? Obviously not wanting to go throwing another £35 for pads (if I can even find anywhere with stock) if the current ones will play nicely with the bigger rotor.

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    Just use the existing ones till they wear out. Perhaps give them a clean / refresh with a bit of sand paper to take the crap off the face of them. But there is no point binning them. Also make sure the new rotors are clean. I use disc brake cleaner. Then do a couple of hard DH braking runs to match the clean pads to the new rotors.

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    New rotor and new mount adapter

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    Aces. Thanks for the confirmations. Was worried the pads would wear to the “signature” of the rotor.

    and new mount adapter

    …or a boatload of washers?

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    Your joking about the washers, presumably! Definitely adaptor required!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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