Do I have to go to work today?

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  • Do I have to go to work today?
  • Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    A weekend of sun and adventures has left me less than enamoured with a day of website corrections, business planning and 172 emails from people who clearly were not outandabout.

    What’s your day looking like?

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Not too bad. I bought the KTM790 into the office so i can have a bit of fun on the way home… Then, it’s Zwift time later on as i’ve got my lad at home…

    Office seems fairly quiet but it may get a bit busier…. 99% of my mails were from automated things rather than humans.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Inset day, so I’m taking the kids out.  Works starts tomorrow.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    I’m doing a performance sailing course with Mrs cloudnine.. so get to play on a laser vago all day. I did work yesterday though but more than happy to avoid the bank holiday crowds to sail today.


    Baby due any day now so working from home more than usual waiting for it all to kick off. Two weeks paternity leave and some holidays so mainly focusing on writing a handover for my colleagues as I’ll hopefully not be back till early June.

    Definitely got the same come down after a weekend out walking, biking, and sitting in the sun


    Work? What’s that then?


    I’ve been co-opted onto a struggling project with some rather shaky third party code and some rather optimistic timescales.

    Early retirement is looking quite tempting.

    Premier Icon burko73

    Same her, just had two weeks off and have just scanned my emails on the work phone. A pile of emails from people not thinking or just overthinking…

    Premier Icon Drac

    I’m not back until Friday night should be around 1k emails waiting by then.

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    Getting up at 5:45am this morning was a struggle but remembered my door entry code & various passwords which is a bonus after a week off. Hoping for a quiet day to ease back into things but that’s unlikely.


    Still off sick here – sounds OK apart from I am spannered so cannot do much!

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    I’ve got Friday off so only a three day week ahead with nothing serious at the moment.
    Thank goodness for Flexi time too as slept in!

    Hob Nob

    Office is like a ghost ship today, mostly due to receiving messages from about 6.30 onwards from my team apparently all being ill. Amazing to think after a long weekend in the sun really.


    I’ve told my lot that I’m up to date with work and I’ll be popping out from home today to ride the Ridgeway on a more suitable bike than yesterday and there are enough damp days on the way to keep me in front of a screen.


    Flex afternoon to ride the last warm and sunny day of the year until mid September (probably).

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    3 day week for me as off Friday.
    Working from home today and Thursday – good job about today as had the worst nights sleep ever,feeling well wrecked.
    Only 15 emails so far.

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    Back in the office today from a week and a bit off.

    The Lake District seems so far away as I sit mulling over the shiny glass towers in Canary Wharf 🥴

    Walked in, got a friendly “ding ding” from the bloke on his Brompton who always seems to carry an extraordinary amount of luggage on it.. You can see the bike flex sideways as he spins his bandy knees around. He does this route every day, same array of bags and cases, always gives me an”ding ding”… I feel like I should know him, but he’s just one of ‘000’s of commuters heading into Town for a sit down behind a screen of never ending glazed stares.

    Or he could be a juggler.

    Or a high powered Judge.

    Or the Head of Rates at JPM.

    Or the barista that makes a great flat white.

    Or… ? Who knows, but he’s always chipper that’s for sure. So, Sir, whoever you are have a very lovely day.

    Most of my lot are off somewhere swanky, at least one was heading to Sri Lanka and I hope she’s ok. So it’s a quiet day here so far. A handful of left over mails, the laptop has a few updates spinning it into life and we’ve got another security issue I must look into. 113 attempted hacks yesterday means some folks don’t know when to take a break.

    Life on the 28th floor.



    @bikebouy just passed through the Lake District on the train up to Edinburgh. Back to Chester tomorrow then down to London on Thursday. Over the weekend I decided to put in for a 4 day week later this year as I’ve got another 3 years before I hang up my boots.

    Premier Icon bikebouy


    Was it still blisteringly sunny?

    Was the best weather last week, all the locals were melting 🤣


    High cloud but perfect biking weather bikebouy.

    Premier Icon daviek

    last couple of days before i head back to work on Thursday but may have to go into the office tomorrow for an induction as we have swapped hats, same place of work but different company. Got a list as log as some very long arms to do before I go but here’s me looking at the forum unable to get moving …..


    Called out at 2:30 so back in bed now. Will probably roll in around lunchtime.


    170 cladding panels to fabricate with zeds riveted on and fire barrier to install.
    Floor four out of twenty one.

    Premier Icon Alphabet

    Heart rehab gym this morning, now working from home for the rest of the day. In the office the rest of the week.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    I only had Saturday/Sunday off. Back today making some furniture for a Late bay VW campervan, so not that bad really.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Off sick with the wet explosions.

    Feeling sorry for myself because I actually like my work.

    Weirdo. 🙂

    Was going to come in early this morning so I had time for a long lunch and run or skate, but a restless MiniMonkey put paid to that (we sat chilling for a few hours so MrsMonkey could have a sleep, then got in late).

    Might have a stroll to the skatepark and see what state the kids have left it in after Easter.

    Premier Icon pocpoc

    4.30am start this morning after over a week off. Might be asleep at my desk by lunchtime. This week is going to drag!
    At least there’s another bank holiday soon 🙂

    Premier Icon Beagleboy

    I’m in the middle of converting some RNA into cDNA for library preps, but my head isn’t in it. My head is planning where to go when I get home tonight. A couple of laps around Torwood? Maybe head into Stirling for a skoosh along North Third’s clifftops? Need to do something as the weather’s to break tomorrow and the forecast is for a fortnight of rain. 🙁


    A couple of laps around Torwood?

    You mean you can actually navigate that maze of trails?! I mean, you cant get lost but its near impossible to follow one trail these days!

    Luckily my view out of the 4 storey high windows is showing me that its still quite hazy outside, so thats nearly keeping me sane

    First of 3 days off for me and trying to decide whether my knees will cope with joining a couple of mates at BPW on Thursday. I was working yesterday and Saturday though, in a well-known sports superstore.


    After such a lovely weekend, I really wasn’t looking forward to a 5am alarm this morning.
    When I saw the long queue of cars outside work, I knew it was going to be a busy start, but Sod’s Law meant nearly all of the tablets we use were SNAFU’d, it took me forty very frustrating minutes to finally get one to work, and some of the drivers were getting a little testy. So was I! Rest of the day was a lot calmer, thankfully.
    I just wish I could afford to take early-ish retirement. 😕

    Woke up in my bivvy in the Pentlands.
    Cycled down to the village for a bacon roll.
    On to Linlithgow for a smooch with gf and to put some beer in kegs and bottles.
    Back on bike, along the forth coast via Hopetoun and Dalmeny estates.
    Back in time to wolf down some nice bread with chunks of butter.
    90 min conference call then a nap.
    Now thinking about cooking a steak pie and chips.


    I’m on hols all week, but I’ve taken 2 calls and answered a dozen or so emails.

    Between an over-nighter in North Wales at the start of the weekend and a day-trip with the family yesterday I’ve lost all track of what day it is anyway.

    Weather looks to be turning back to a more normal April state of affairs, which is a shame. Two hyperactive kids to entertain on a wet **whatever day of the week it is tomorrow** doesn’t really appeal.

    Premier Icon DezB

    I had the day off and planned to do a nice gravel bike ride on the south downs. Ended up spending the whole day in my garage dismantling my bike and cleaning all the bushings out. Needed doing, but man what a job. Certainly much better than being at work anyway.

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