Do dirty post ride clothes damage the washing machine?? Need evidence for wife?

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  • Do dirty post ride clothes damage the washing machine?? Need evidence for wife?
  • theflatboy

    if they're really bad get in the shower with them on first to rinse, then wash.


    We have had a bosch washing machine since I went back to Uni in 2000 and has moved to Devon since – and touch wood its been fine – no blocked filers, no problems to speak of (touching wood) – is a tiny bit rusty but we have chucked everything in it and often overload it and generally abused it and nada. Go figure?

    Suppose we should shake offf any loose dirt and stones before putting it in the machine. When she starts checking pockets (childrens, before angry women jump on me)for tissues coins etc, then I will shake my mucky bike gear down. (Actually I do)!


    we have an 8 year old hotpoint with 2 of us who ride. We never rinse anything first and have had no issues at all with it.

    Same as above comments really…. we've got an 8 year old Bosch, which has taken a complete beating. Muddy riding gear, trainers, wetsuits, and now the 3 daily washes demanded by our 7 month old (his clothes, that is, not him personally), and its still going strong.

    This has however been a timely reminder for me to to check the filter!


    my lass thinks that all machines should work flawlessly all the time regardless of how you treat them.
    this means i have no greif on the washing front but allways have a mountain to climb when i have to fix her bike.


    you could always wait till it packs up and get the wife a more reliable washing machine like this one

    Premier Icon molgrips

    3 daily washes


    Are you a member of the MF let's do loads of laundry club?

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    there was a great bit in the mag ages ago (or maybe a post on here)

    some bloke whose wife got a repair man out to look at the machine & when she asked what was wrong, or why the repair was expensive or summit, he said "talk to your husband, he's **** it!" 😆


    Not so much damage them but when the nice man came to fix our machine that wasn't emptying it was entirely down to the waste pipe being blocked with trail dirt from the clothes!! Took 3 years to get blocked though.


    I hoped the grit would help remove limescale build up 🙂


    I put muddy stuff in mine all the time, still going strong after two years (when I brought the flat, tho it wasn't new then, and probably cost all of 150 quid) I do tend to brush the rocks off it.

    I'll say maybe; we've had three washing machiones during our 14 year marriage, the associated crap of washing MTB kit may have contributed to premature demise of these machines, although m;lud, engineers have never attributed a breakdown to what has been washed.

    Premier Icon valleydaddy

    If I can be bothered I'll rinse my kit off before bunging it in the machine or I wang it in straight out of tug bucket before the misses notices, then just wipe door seals down and voila clean kit 🙂

    just a pain in the arse you can't tumble dry most mtb gear 😥 so always draped over rads etc

Viewing 14 posts - 41 through 54 (of 54 total)

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