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  • Do any forks fit my criteria?
  • 535-545mm a2c
    1 1/8″ steerer
    150-160mm travel
    option to drop travel on the fly
    32-36mm stanchions
    20mm axle
    EASY to set up with a known “sweet spot” so i don’t have to faff or have nagging doubt in my mind!!
    Recover quickly on chattery rocks
    Smooth and controlled
    track well

    I am only 78Kg with kit btw. Kind of got on (ish) with Lyriks but never felt quite right unless i really pushed them hard and being piss weak in the upper body this was quite difficult!!


    The Marzocchi 55 RC3 Ti has got to be in with a shout. Probably the best fork I’ve ever used……unbelievably plush in the chattery rocky stuff. If i was still running a 26″ wheeled bike thats the fork id be running.

    Edit. Doesn’t. Have travel adjust tho’


    Something from Magura might be worth a look? Wotans were always a very underrated fork and the equivalent now seems to be the TS8 R 150.

    My Magura Durin have beautiful damping unlike the constantly diving and wallowy Fox they replaced. Magura forks sink down in the travel when locked out to keep the front end low and the longer travel forks tend to come with travel reduction down to 120mm or so (Flight Control I think it was called in the past).

    20mm axle is probably the most limiting requirement on your list. I don’t know anyone who can tell the difference between 15mm or 20mm and given the weight saved with the 15mm axle you can see why manufacturers are killing off 20’s for single travel and “trail”/ “enduro” type forks

    effin ell – £5-600!

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    I would honestly have said lyriks tbh. Simple and transparent damping, good performance… You’re a big heavier than me, never had any probs really.




    Get your Lyrics better tuned to your tastes?

    Magura wotans if you can find them, great forks, 160mm, 20mm axle option to drop 40mm on the fly, can be locked out and and stiffer than a Viagra addict!

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    Would have said lyriks, only just moved up to them from revelations.

    Mine are the two position airs- very impressed so far and I was pretty smitten with the revs

    so lyriks/55s/wotans?

    +1 for Wotan’s

    I had a set before and the remote adjustment was really good.

    Forks were a little heavy though

    As a fox fan boy for too many years I wasn’t sure what to get for my next fork. Only really know about the big manufacturers and nothing seems to tick all the boxes..

    Never hear of the woo-tan but wow that is an awesome fork and exactly what I need.

    Do they still make them? Shame if not. The only make issue I can see is they look a bit heavy.


    Wotan was the first thing I thought from the OP (and since you’ve tried Lyriks). Unfortunately they’re not made anymore, but can be had cheap if you find a pair 2nd-hand. They do have one or two quirks – travel adjust takes a knack and the original damper oil turns to snot under 5 degrees – but nothing major and easily fixed.

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    If you can go down to 140mm travel, try these:

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