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  • Do any charities want old bikes?
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    I have too many bikes because I buy new ones but never get rid of the old ones. Some have got to go but although the two I have in mind are old it would be a shame to take them to the tip. I don’t think they have any great value but must be worth something. Are there any charities that take bikes?

    The bikes are a full suspension Marin Rift Zone from the mid 90s and a Giant Kronos road bike of (I think) similar vintage. Both work fine though the front suspension on the Marin may not be all it used to be thanks to old elastomers. I have newer, shinier things so they sit in the shed. Both better than a BSO from a catalog so maybe a charity could make a few £ out of them?

    Anyone know of a charity that would take them off my hands & give me good Karma?

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    where are you based? I do some work for ED’s Cycle Co-Op, we’ll have them if you’re not to far away or willing to post.

    Email me.



    Recycle Bikes if you’re in or near Sheffield.


    Couldn’t you sell them on here, as hack bikes maybe, and then donate the proceeds as you see fit? Both the bikes you mention seem to fall pretty decently into that category…


    There are a few around here

    Depends where you’re based, I suppose


    My Dad’s Rotary club organised a Sportive to raise money for the Killie Can Cycle charity who recycle bikes, some go to Africa, some stay in the UK.


    We’ve got Spokes in Kidderminster.
    They take in donated bikes for people with learning difficulties to repair, then sell them on.
    Anything like that near you ?

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    The Bike Station in Edinburgh take old bikes, repair them and sell them for £50 to students and Festival Types. They can always strip for parts if the bikes are past repair.

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    I should have said where I am as the suggestions are good but too far away. I’m in the South East near Worthing but often travel to the Frimley area. Some good starting points there, one site showed there was something in Brighton I could consider.

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