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  • Do all recent XTR pedals drop to bits !!!
  • Premier Icon postierich

    Carpark bounce on my hardtail and the pedal fell to bits spindle snapped at the end !!! luckily was only riding with my daughter so a quick run around pushing the bike.
    Would obviously like another set of pedals but going to stick with the steel spindles so back to XT will Madison replace and give me the difference in costs apparently XTR have a 3 yr warranty had them about 10 months

    One of my mates XTR’s fell to bits/exploded during a ride in the middle of nowhere (Highlands) on the 1st day of a ‘Bothy ride’, he carried on riding on the spindle & wore a groove in his shoes. Got replaced FOC even though ‘slightly’ out of warranty.
    Same happenned to me & got replacements even though mine were 4 years out of warranty. I have a very good LBS.

    Premier Icon Johnny Panic

    One of mine did the same, out of warranty though.
    Spindle from 540’s is compatible.

    Premier Icon pinkwafer

    This has been a problem for a long time. My xtr pedal snapped at the end of the axle. Really dangerous. I only use m540s now.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Known problem but I thought it had been dealt with on newer xtr stuff. Should be warrantied nae bother but a warranty’s not much use to you if it happens far out into the hills.

    Premier Icon postierich

    Thats the problem Garry bought for my bike packing bike so usually in the sticks doing multi day stuff hence going for some stronger ones


    Warranty on XTR pedals only valid if fitted to a sub 18lb race hardtail ridden by a 8stone skinny hipped race whippet. 😀

    Premier Icon tomaso

    I don’t know these bourgeois postmen and their XTR pedal dilemmas.

    Let’s face it, if they fell apart with a car park test they were already borked.

    Pre ride maintenance checks or there will be points deductions on Wednesday night.


    I’m surprised that it’s still an issue as it’s been happening for years!

    Mine didn’t even last a summer, swapped to Time now and they’re great

    Premier Icon DezB

    Really? Blimey the XTRs on my Tripster – about 2 years old, almost daily use, fair few crashes, nothing at all wrong with them!

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    I always thought it was a known thing

    Premier Icon DezB

    Hmm.. mine are M9000 Race, bought Sept ’15. Still perfect.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Should have been using Crank Bros pedals.


    😀 at TOMaso

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    The only reason to pay more would be for less weight and more durability, it already looks like half that equation doesn’t stack up, and it’s 100g difference in claimed weights between a pair of M8000 & M9000, if that 50g a side equates to less snap prone axles then it’s probably worth it…

    I didn’t think many people actually bought XTR pedals being near enough triple the price of an M540, but there seem to be a few, it’s worth noting the M540 is apparently only ~15g heavier than the M8000 so you have to question just how much the returns diminish as you go up the product range…


    The machined surfaces and teflon bindings on the XTRs shed mud very well

    Have tried them all 520/530//540/XT/race/trail and XTRs are better

    Quite expensive at the moment but there are occasional bargains to be had


    i have 3 set of XTR all bought used – all of the era that was notorious for pedal failure on the Ti axle.

    one set have had the left hand one ground down a concrete wall at high speed – the ends near smooth (where as an XTR should have a concave end machining on it)

    i moved them to my trail bike many moons ago after that – that was 5 years ago.

    i figured that with all the stories of them falling apart they should be dead by now.

    ive just cursed them by writing this but that set of mines have taking serious beating.

    Might change the set on my Touring mtb to the XTs though in light of all the scaremongering as im now scared they will fail.

    story goes that the inner radius on the end where the “nut” is threaded to is too quick for ti.

    having seen a failed set i can see how you would come to that conclusion as its the same machining on the XTs of the era but made of steel.

    Premier Icon Grace

    Saw two sets of XT spindles do the same in the Alps last year (end broke by the nut)… Pretty unlucky I guess… (was a singletrack holiday too…not uplift/bike parks etc)

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