Do 5:10's last longer than shimano am41's?

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  • Do 5:10's last longer than shimano am41's?
  • kudos100

    I’ve been wearing am41’s for the last few years and they are great, except for one thing. The rubber sole wears down in less than a year, to the point where I start losing grip.

    A year isn’t bad, but I wonder if 5:10’s are anymore hardwearing?

    I’ve used both for the last few years. The soles on Impacts are VERY thick and feel stiffer for it. Not necessarily a good thing, just the way they are.

    But…under the footbed is a layer of cardboard. They are pretty bad in the wet and take days to dry. Maybe other models are different

    I havent noticed a durability issue with either, though the Shimanos have scuffed up more.


    I’ve had a couple of pairs of shoes with the Shimano/Vibram sole as on the AM41s and a few pairs of Five Tens. My main complaint with the Shimano shoes was the longevity of the sole. I wore them out (well a ring of tread where the pedal went had gone) in a number of months rather than years. Left the shoes useless as there was no grip where the pins went but plenty in the places it wasn’t needed.

    The Five Tens have been much better and a couple of pairs are still going strong 3 years down the line.

    The Shimano shoes are better quality as shoes but the soles are significantly better on the Five Tens. Newer Five Tens, since the Adidas takeover, seem to be much better built and are significantly improved over the previous ones. Most obviously the Freerider VXi

    Cos of the wet weather my 5.10’s fell to pieces from the inside out.

    I am now using the cheap Event lined waterproof Karrimor approach shoes which are pretty grippy and dry fast.

    Might get them resoled by these guys with stealth rubber once the soles wear out.

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    I have this issue with the vibram soled shimano shoes. Where the pins go the sole has worn right through, the rest of the shoe and sole are unmarked, it’s such a waste.

    The old shimano shoes that weren’t vibram lasted much longer. I can’t get a year out of the new ones. It’s such a shame because the rest of the shoes are fantastic, don’t really want to back to exposed laces.

    Can they be re-soled?

    Feet first say they can resole most things but I only have experienced with Vibram soles on walking boots.

    Check out the link, it’s a bit pricy but you get the shoe you want with the 5.10 rubber.

    My 5:10’s basically didn’t wear on the bottom of the soles but then the whole sole unit seem to just rot on the sides and peel away from the uppers – this on both pairs i’ve had over some 4yrs. Might get the newer pair resoled but trying some Salomon trail shoes.

    Premier Icon jeff

    +1 on the cardboard experience, but soles have lasted well on my impact lows

    be interested to know if new ones have ditched the cardboard.


    If you just need to repair a patch of worn sole from pin damage – what about the Five Ten stealth paint for £18?

    Five Ten 5.10 Stealth Paint


    I wore them out (well a ring of tread where the pedal went had gone) in a number of months rather than years.

    This is what happens to mine on my right foot. I get about 4-5 months out of it and then it wears away to the point where I start losing grip.

    Looks like I’ll be switching to 5:10’s


    for what they cost 5:10’s seem a bit of joke. I’m a big fan of thin vans (which dry quickly) and waterproof socks. I picked my last pair of vans up for £15 in a sale.

    I usually put them in the foot well of the car with the heater on full on the way to a ride so they’re nice and toasty when I put them on 🙂 because that’s how I roll

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