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  • Kid Cragg

    Traktor app is all you need! Apparently it’s gonna be free for iPhone / iPad tomoro as its App Store 5th birthday!


    always used traktor, never got around to getting a hardware mixer, eq-ing and knob twiddling would be easier with hardware controller. I find the ipad tractor good but a little limited compared to full laptop version.

    tops 5

    I had a Hercules DJ Control Steel it was ace! The next one up the range (can’t remember the name) is better though as it has a port for monitor headphones (I had to use a USB thingy which was a faff)


    Traktor app is free now in the App Store.

    I hated the Hercules DJ controller, that was v1 though, the pitch control would not go below .1%, felt very toy like.

    Use your macbook, Traktor program and a semi-decent controller for pitch control, volumes, crossfader, etc. I used a Novation MIDI controller, so much more control over keys/mouse. Or you could buy the Kontrol S4 which is made by Traktor and works with their software.

    Ultimately you want this:

    It’s as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be.. Budget?


    DJ’s whats the way to go for mp3 mixing kit? was looking at this last year but things have probably moved on already.

    Software mixer only or software plus a hardware mixer?

    Will be hooking up to a macbook pro or maybe the ipad if that makes any difference?

    ^^what he said

    I used to use (still do) Tracktor.
    For years I controlled this with time code vinyl &/or a Numark total control (depending on the club) using a proper external mixer.
    the total control was at the cheap end, and you could tell, but work faultlessly dispite not being looked after and used proffesionally for years.

    I now have a proper job and only DJ occasionaly….

    I still use the total control (& proper mixer), but pair it with an ipad running touch osc…

    to upgrade the total control i would go with a Kontrol S4 (years ago it would have been an A&H Zone 3/4D)

    p.s. the best solution for a “real” DJ is still probably time code vinyl, tracktor & propper mixer & effects controler/unit (ipad and touch osc would do the job)

    but then I learnt to beat match old skool 😉


    I have DJed for at least 17 years – used to be a vinyl purist, then used CDJs and Serato mostly. These days I have the most fun using a £140 Numark controller. It’s MILES better than just using a mouse/keyboard IMO. If you’re DJing to a crowd you can connect with them much better if you’re using hands on controls and can watch them more, rather than looking like you’re checking your email.

    You can actually scratch reasonably well on them too.

    I’ve used the Mixtrack Pro but there’s a new version that’s meant to be a bit better. Comes with free versions of Serato or Virtual DJ.

    Last week picked up numark mixtrack pro ll £180,chuck laptop an that in bag,an go rock a party or club,simple.

    nothing like vinyl 😉

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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