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  • alexxx

    I still don’t feel right – it’s been going on for almost a year now… bit scary really but tests at the hospital haven’t shown anything.

    Lately I’ve been getting more dizzy and have noticed my concentration wandering as well as my memory being pretty shot…

    I’ve had “full bloods” as far as I’m aware that came up with nothing…

    What the flips going on!

    I’m feeling the dizziest I’ve felt for a while along with concentration being poor and all I’ve done in the last few days is get a flight from the UK back to France (Morzine) and had 1 days skiing (which was totally fine) and 2 days at my computer working which I’ve noticed all these symptoms again..

    I felt a bit like this in England but feeling it a lot stronger now…

    Literally feel like a space cadet at times and had a lil cry for no reason yesterday… WTF is the dealio?

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Blood pressure ok I assume?

    Eating normally, sleeping ok?

    What’s your caffeine intake like?


    Either Manopause or maybe you’re dehydrated? How much water (not in the form of tea/coffee, or fizzy stuff!) do you drink in a day?




    Blood pressure was bang on the button when they checked at hospital last year – sometimes comes in a little low… I never have these issue when doing sports tho like skiing or biking which maybe because my blood pressure is raised from exercise?

    Eating normally yep, sleeping ok – a few restless nights but only because I’ve been thinking about this stuff. I use sleep cycle on the iphone to see what my sleeping patterns like and it usually ranges between 50% quality and 80%

    Dont do loads of caffine, maybe do some days with 5 cups of tea and other without any.

    Dont drink loads of water but I do have a glass or 2 a day and usually a fruit juice or smoothie.

    My first plan of attack is to religiously drink a glass an hour or at least so i’m peeing clear all day for the next week.

    Dont drink fizzy drinks and I’m a 25 year old boy so no Manopause 😀


    Would be worth being checked for Lymes disease. Wife had similar symptoms at the early stages.

    These have gone now but there is a whole world of other stuff we now have to deal with.

    Also, read this and see if it correlates http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vertigo

    Stress is also worth looking into.

    Alex – I could have written that post and for me its the same since sept 2011. The best i can describe what i feel pretty much every day is “Brain Fog”. I too have had complete blood work x3 times…also checks for Lymes and EB something. Consultant recently sent me for an MRI which thankfully came back clear.

    somedays i find it so hard to concentrate on a single task as my head is spinning all over the place and i cannot think clearly. GP’s have not a clue – nor does the consultant so far (going back in Jan…he has hinted at either something to do with my thyroid OR something like post viral fatigue (which CAN last for years)

    send me a mail mate corless at hotmail dot co dot uk – dont use google like i did to try self diagnose – you will find out and convince yourself you have cat aids with an undiagnosed tennis ball sized brain tumor (hence me pushing for MRI).

    Couldn’t believe it when I saw the topic title, I’ve felt similar this since Thursday/Friday.

    Felt tired all weekend. Didnt go out, could have happily slept all day. Couldnt even manage to ride my bike on Saturday which was odd since the weather was great. Went for a ride on Sunday which was a struggle.

    Went into work yeaterday and thats when I noticed the dizziness/concentration issues. Struggled to read/remember numbers that were written on a piece of paper I was holding in my hand. I kept drifting off and thinking intensely about things without really realising, zoning out for 5 minutes at a time. Went home early.

    Too much time spent in front of a computer? I spent most of the weekend **** about on my computer, didnt want to do anything. If you’re outside in the fresh air you probably won’t notice it.

    Where did you get your blood tests done?

    Was your oxygen saturation normal? (PO2>96%)


    Can’t remember Derek – I think so – think that was one of the first thing the original doctor checked.

    Blood tests were done at our local hospital Dave

    I don’t think its computer related… I mean it could be but doesn’t add up to all past experiences of being dizzy in the last year – I’m hoping its a combination of eye / stress problems and being a secret goth at times..

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    Inner ear problem? Spinal fluid pressure too high?

    Guy at work had similar thing, turned out his inner ear fluid chamber had crumbled away causing all sorts of problems as the brain had to work so hard compensating for loss of balance sensors he was permanently exhausted although had OK balance. They’ve just rebuilt them using bone grafts from his hip and he’s slowly recovering…


    I’ve felt like this since ’05. I had my thyroid out so am on medication and it’s no replacement for natural thyroxine. I presume if you’ve had a full count done your T3 & T4 levels were checked? I find that food choices and drinking plenty of proper fluids help. Alcohol and fast food make me worse. Coffee and tea I thought had an affect but having taken 4 months of not touching the stuff I’ve gone back to drinking it. I will feel better over a period such as Christmas when I’m away from my computer. I don’t know why that is or if there is any connection. Cinnamon Girl started a topic ages ago on a similar subject and she is suffering from similar issues which are also thyroid related. Might be worth looking that up and having a read of that topic even if only to discount the thyroid despite bloods perhaps showing ‘acceptable’ levels.

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    Would be worth being checked for Lymes disease.

    I’d second that (assuming you’ve had encounters with ticks), I’d doubt its been covered by ‘Full Bloods’.

    Carbon monoxide is another thing I’d try and rule out.


    Hey alex,

    First and foremost I am not a medic, so I would always say make sure you have been fully checked out by your medic. I am however a physio specialising in balance disorders.

    It seems as though your GP has tested a number of things and is happy it isn’t anything too suspicious. I am wondering whether in your medical assessment at the hospital they sent you to a vestibular clinic to checkout your vestibular (inner ear balance system) function? You can always discuss with your GP whether they think the cause of your dizziness is vestibular in origin.

    I can’t diagnose over the internet and wouldn’t attempt to, but it might be worth mentioning if this is something that hasn’t been investigated as yet. Vestibular rehab is pretty good at sorting balance problems out (if it turned out to be that), but takes time and effort.

    Hope you feel better soon,



    get an eye test, dodgy eyes can do funny things, esp. dizziness


    Got an eye test booked – so will do that.

    It seems weird that each time its originated it’s been from some form of motion / travel.

    Marp is there a way to rule a balance disorder out – for eg I can ride my downhill bike and ski perfectly fine? or does that not mean diddly squat?

    I guess I’ve had a fair amount of contact with ticks as I lived in the lake district and now in the french alps however the symptoms came on in winter – a good 5 months after any outside grassy / tick likely activities so not to sure i’d say its that.

    Taff Im not sure what bloods were done sorry no one ever told me – all I know is they filled up about 8 containers at the hospital and sent them off

    Carbon Monoxide? as in exposure to it? I don’t think its that as I’ve lived in 3 places since it originally happened all with the same effects


    I’d second that (assuming you’ve had encounters with ticks), I’d doubt its been covered by ‘Full Bloods’.

    Even dedicated Lyme’s disease tests are very unreliable IIRC.


    Hey Alex,

    It depends on what sort of problem you have and how good your sensory integration is. Typically cycling or skiing aren’t too provocative as the head is relatively stationary and you are mostly using visual info for orientation. Therefore you aren’t getting much sensory conflict and therefore you’ll feel ok. The times you’ll really notice it are when you are using lots of head movements (looking around environment) or when visual cues are disturbed or absent. These provide some sensory conflict and will tend to aggravate symptoms more.

    How do you feel when in really busy visual environments such as supermarkets, watching large rivers flow past or in really crowded places? Also how are you when walking when turning your head side to side quite quickly? Does it make you feel pretty gross? If you’re walking at night in the dark do you feel more unsteady? is it worse if you’re on fresh snow?

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    eat much sugar?

    been on antibiotics?

    could be an intestinal fungal thing.

    my sister had similar symptoms for years, her doctor prescribed antidepressants, a witch* told her to eat less sugar, and more live yoghurt.

    (*my sister knows some strange people)


    haha I dont eat a lot of sugar nope – literally an average joe type character! maybe I need to see a witch 😛

    Marp –
    The dizziness triggers have originated from:

    driving a transfer van and talking to the passenger sat next to me (so a fair bit of head turning) and long conversation for about an hour. (last winter)

    being in the london underground for 15mins (as soon as i came out i nearly passed out in a shop on the street) (had a flight back from portugal the day before also – but didnt experience anything bad in portugal). then the next few days i felt constantly dizzy. (end of last winter)

    I felt dizzy after a crossing from amsterdam to the UK for a few days as well ( end of summer this year).

    flying back to the UK around 14days ago felt a bit ropey for a week or so. and now in france feeling ropey after my last flight and the only difference was i then sat in the back of a transfer van for an hour talking.

    I’ve never ever felt dizzy skiing or biking.

    I’m not too sure about walking at night or on snow as at the moment I just generally feel dizzy its hard to know if its any different… driving the car last night for 5minutes felt fine.

    Just to give you an idea I’m aware of it now and I’m sat at my desk and did all day yesterday.. I skied the day after I got back to france and didn’t feel dizzy one bit… it took over me the day after that.

    turning head side to side – feeling pretty dizzy – i can actually hear something in my spine neck area making a noise sounds like its rubbing – bit weird! (kinda like grated sand – no pain tho or restriction in movement).

    on the 50man ski lift the other day crammed with people i felt fine.


    It’s not just about being scared of height.


    Hey Alex,

    It seems as though there could be issues around sensory integration – you describe getting dizzy after a long drive, there are a couple of aspects here, repetitive head turning may have been a factor but also the constant visual flow from the white lines in the road can also play a part. When on the tube there are a few things that can upset the sensory processing systems if they’re not quite up to scratch – which will tend to be what makes you feel really dizzy and cloth headed. If yu’re standing you’ve constant accelerations and decelerations combined with a relatively static visual surround which confuses things a little. But also you may be sat looking out of the window, so the world looks like it’s moving but you’re sat still – most types of full field moving visual stimui will bring on feelings of dizziness and / or disorientation. On the boat / plane you are being provided with mismatching sensory information if you’re sat inside looking ahead. You will have subtle accelerations and decelerations and changes in vertical positioning (detected by the inner ear) but your visual system will be telling you nothing has moved, again causing sensory conflict.

    these are just me thinking out loud and as such is an internet diagnosis and should not be mistaken for real life information. I would follow the normal route of checking with medic etc but may want to sound him out on sensory integration…. Although i wouldn’t discount any other medical prob unless it has been thoroughly checked out and excluded.

    By the way that graunchy sound is entirely normal, we all have that although it still doesn’t sound very nice.

    You can have a crack at this and see if you’re more unsteady in any situation. I wouldn’t bother with the sensory conflict dome (that is unless you have a spare one laying around!)




    too much weed.


    Thanks Marp – all appreciated – I’ll look at the link now 🙂

    Jekkyl.. those days are well over, I don’t smoke anything at all


    I’ve had dizziness and brain fog for years, along with other symptoms

    Been to all kinds of specialists

    Latest independent tests showed lyme, but the nhs are basically telling me they don’t think it’s lyme

    been like piggy in the middle of a few doctors who can’t seem to agree and seem in no rush to sort things out

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Hmmm, I would say that it’s been going on long enough and you really need to get to the bottom of it. As a starting point I would request from your GP a print-out of your blood tests (you are entitled to request this) so you can see exactly what you’ve been tested for.

    There are unfortunately so many conditions that not much is known about and don’t forget that knowledge varies from surgery to surgery. It is also worth remembering that GPs are in no hurry to refer patients to a specialist as it would affect their funding. Points mean prizes it would seem.

    Cinnamon Girl started a topic ages ago on a similar subject and she is suffering from similar issues which are also thyroid related. Might be worth looking that up and having a read of that topic even if only to discount the thyroid despite bloods perhaps showing ‘acceptable’ levels.


    This may help although it’s very long! Certainly I can sympathise with the loss of memory. At my worst I could not remember my phone numbers, date of birth, in fact pretty much anything. Have gone outside of the NHS, all they wanted to do was prescribe ADs.

    I do hope you can get this sorted, it must be worrying for you but I would research as much as you can and don’t be fobbed off.

    Good luck and do let us know how you get on.


    hormone inbalance.
    would also side with the inner ear issue.


    Alex – sorry to read about your condition. I am afraid I can’t help but anyone else starting dizziness may be interested in this.

    I’ve been feeling dizzy for a few weeks, mainly at night when rolling over. Got a bit worried but turned out a massive cold was on its way & I’ve had it now for 2 weeks. Now the cold has moved round my body – head, throat now cough, the dizziness has gone.

    So, if you start feeling dizzy looks like you got the same virus coming yr way.

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