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  • pingu66

    Scribe the internal corners, practice for the extrnal corners which are ther trickiest.

    You might be able to hire a table saw but its overkill.

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    assuming its for a DIY job only and not pro use, then a cheap one will do as long as you
    a) calibrate it yourself, marking the deck and protractor with accurate measurements made with an angle finder on scrap wood


    b) consider spending a bit of money on a nice blade. Finer TPI for a cleaner cut. The low TPI on most of the blads they come with is fine for smashing though stud work, but does tear out a bit.

    Dont bother with anything fancy like a laser line etc.

    230mm is a bit wide, so you’ll have to go for the more expensive sliding compound mitres saws if you want to do stuff in one pass.

    I have the £100 titan one from Screwfix, and havent killed it yet despite treating it like dirt, but I wont lie and say its a very good bit of kit. It works, but I prob wouldnt use it on any nice joinery.

    You may find you can hire a nice one for the job with an integrated table/clamp etc from your local builders merchant.


    9″ skirtings ? I’m impressed with the size of your skirting. Hire/borrow a sliding compound mitre saw. Or if you’re up for it, make yourself a very large mitre box – that’s what I would do for a one-of job.


    For 230mm, I reckon you’d be best off hiring something decent – a Makita or a DeWalt – something that would cost four hundred squid plus to buy new.

    Learn how to do your internal scribes.

    For external, just cut your pieces 5mm (1/4″) too long and nibble back. This will give you an idea of how much over or under square you are.

    Compound mitre saw for skirting boards (230mm).

    Anyone got any recommendations. I thought I’d check here before looking at DIY forums


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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