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    I must post up a picture of our carrots.. 🙂

    Like the look of that dryer for the Biltong. Just started bottling the first of our ‘sun dried’ tomatoes. Must be a cheaper way than using the oven on the lowest setting with the door open. can see a DIY project on the horizon for the weekend……..


    Malted barley
    Plus one to two weeks

    Equals beer

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Just picked up some pancetta & haricot to make some homemade baked beans later this week.


    That cheese does look a bit extreme!


    As the title suggests and with linky.

    DIY Food Enthusiasts

    Im quite liking the cheese myself

    So with that in mind, whats your DIY Food recipies


    I caught this on the wireless on the way home. I could listen to that sort of stuff all day. Blokes in sheds making cheese and cider, what’s not to like?

    Premier Icon molgrips

    what’s not to like?

    The cheese and the cider?

    Premier Icon ransos

    I do my own smoked salmon every Christmas. You need a fish smoker like this:http://www.amazon.co.uk/FLADEN-36-1230-Fladen-Outdoor-Smoker/dp/B0024V9P68/ref=pd_sim_sbs_lp_1

    Buy a whole salmon and have the fishmonger fillet it. Cover the fillets with a very liberal quantity of fine sea salt, some brown sugar and any other flavourings you fancy. Wrap in clingfilm, stick in the fridge and leave overnight.

    Wash off the salt thoroughly, place the fillets on racks or direct onto an oven shelf, and set it to “defrost” so the fan runs but there’s no heat. Alternatively you could use an electric fan – the idea is to get the fish completely dry.

    After a couple of hours you’re ready to smoke the fish. Fire up the smoker and put some soaked hardwood chips in the bottom – I use oak and applewood, but you can experiment.

    Once the smoker is hot, you can smoke the fish. I find 30 minutes or so is enough, but do check it’s cooked through. Leave to cool and enjoy. It freezes very well so I always make loads.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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