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  • DIY enduro with strava?
  • I’ve been thinking about making our local rides a wee bit more interesting, and think this could be a goer. I could set out a route, not critical as everyone would be riding together anyway, and have a couple of climbs and maybe half a dozen descents. Set everyone off at 1 minute intervals, then use strava for the timings of each section, which I’ll previously have set as a segment.

    Has anyone done this, and can anyone see any flaws in my plan?. I reckon everyone I ride with has either a garmin or a smart phone, so we should be covered that way.


    a few of my mates were thinking of doing that round Glentress one quiet evening. We didn’t in the end as we reckoned the smartphones weren’t reliable enough, so if one failed at any point the entire thing wouldn’t work

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    segment the whole thing. then you have a time trial. Nooooooooooooo…

    Lol! I could do that and not tell them….

    No, top biker, if one failed, then that person is out!. No prisoners….


    Strava probably isn’t accurate enough to make it a proper race but it could be a lot of fun. Thisissheffield have run a series of strava segment races over the winter, a different segment each month, points totted up towards a total at the end. This month it’s a short natural downhill last month was a road climb then a lap of a man made trail.

    Doesn’t need to be really accurate, just a load of mates riding together, and a talking point.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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