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  • Thinking of going on a Red Sea diving holiday.

    I have been diving for years but the Mrs doesn’t dive (yet).

    Looking at putting her through her basic scuba course in the UK before going on holiday.

    Really fancy the liveaboards, looks like a really relaxing way of getting plenty of diving in.

    Will most of the liveaboard itineries be too tough for a novice diver? I know that some red Sea sites have stipulated minimum dives to be logged before you can dive there but not all.

    Any recommendations for boats and operators?

    Or should we be looking somewhere else?

    Many thanks

    I haven’t got that much experience .. if it’s regarding Egypt and diving you need to call Trimix to the forum..did you know he was a dive guide in a previous life?

    IMO virtually ALL the diving liveaboards wanted a minimum of 50 dives in which case it won’t be suitable for her. We went to Sharm el Sheik in Oct 2012 with about 15 dives (novices) and went with Emperor divers, paid for cheap B&B through them. We then did 3 dives a day (sometimes 4) and were out from 0800-1700. had breakfast in hotel, lunch on boat then went out to find somewhere for dinner in the evening. the cheap hotel was fine as room lovely, clean, cool impressed as it was billed as Egyptian 2 star..which I thought would equate to UK 0 star (ie a custody cell). Brilliant had a fab time whilst there did Advanced OW and nitrox course in the week.

    Alternatively go to Thailand (were we first dived) which was AMAZING! did OW referral and did the qualifying dives out there on Koh Lanta with these guys: http://www.diveandrelax.com/

    phenomenal service, brilliant for novices and stuff to do should she decide she doesn’t like it/wants to do less than you.

    Premier Icon nickjb

    A live-aboard is a fantastic way to see the red sea. You can get to the best sites and get lots of diving in with little effort… BUT it will be too much for a novice. The diving is generally gentle and the great vis makes it easy so somewhere in the Red Sea will suit but save the live aboard for another time. I generally recommend Dahab but I haven’t been for a while so it might have changed. Most of the diving is from the shore and the whole place is fairly relaxed. TBH I’d do the basic scuba course over there. If you can find a shop that’ll let you do the coursework in the UK then do the OW dives when you get there that is a good option. Better than get a drysuit on to jump in a cold, murky quarry.

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    Done plenty of liveaboards in the Red Sea on just about every itinerary they do.
    As said, it’s the best way of diving out there away from the flotilla of day boats.
    I agree though that it is too much for a novice. An open water diver with a deep speciality would be the minimum level to do the dives and I reckon at least 25 dives. Even on the easiest itinerary (wrecks and reefs) you are gonna get some dives with no bottom in sight, negative entries from RIBs as well as the possibility of rough sea states and strong currents.
    Is there a possibility that you could get a week out there by yourself? There is no single supplement fee & you can get late deals for around £500 inc flights. As for companies to go with I would look no further than Tony Backhurst Scuba Travel and also Blue O Two.

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