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  • Disney Land Paris on a budget.
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    You see some ridiculously cheap coach trips advertised. Would they be worth a bash?


    Thanks for that, It’s an option. Will look em up.

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    Keep us posted.

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    Cheap and euro Disney are not usually used in the same sentence!


    Next month is August! At least go mid-week.


    I have a couple of weeks off next month and fancy taking my 7 year old daughter over to DL Paris for a couple of days.

    I have in mind a couple of travel options, fly over or drive/ferry.

    Is spending the day at DL enough or should we do 2 days? I wouldnt be staying in the resort so if anyone knows of accommodation in the local are that would be great.

    I still have a lot of research to do but just putting the feelers out here with anyone who’s done it on a budget, any tips would be great.

    Plan of action is travel accross to Paris – overnight stay – day, poss 2 in DL – Overnight stay and head back next day.


    Teach you daughter to speak only French and go to a local fair carrying a knock off Mickey Mouse plush toy?

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    We were there for 2 days last week. Cheapest tickets we found were from here. These are for 2 consecutive days.
    We were Disneyed out after 2 days, but enjoyed it.
    Kids are 8 and 5

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    We’ve just bought annual passes, as it was cheaper than buying normal, even discounted tickets.
    Paid £327 for 2 adults & 2 children. If you need the flexibility of not having to go every day, then a 3 day pass is over £100 normally. Not that we’ll be there for lots, but we are going last week of August so we can go again next August on the same tickets. There’s different levels of passes, with the cheapest adult pass about £120, but for each adult pass you get a child’s pass for £25. Annual pass gets you free parking too, & that’s £13 a day now. We got the passes from the same place as the previous post.

    If you don’t mind travelling at silly o clock, DFDS will get a car & passengers to Dunkirk or Calais for as little as£50 (given its peak time). It’s a easy 2hr drive to the Disney Parks.

    We camp nearby. (Well, we stay in our touring caravan nearby). I can recomend Camping Jabline. It’s next to abig sswimming lake. About 10mins from Disney


    If you go on a coach trip you don’t get the 2 hours in the morning before the park opens to the great unwashed.

    Stay just out of the resort on the Davy Crockett ranch; basic but perfectly acceptable. We got 5 days park tickets and accommodation for 5 peeps for £600 earlier in the season.

    Drive down, and pay for the tunnel using Tesco vouchers. Cost us £8 cash to get there and back.

    Drive a diesel and fill up in France; much cheaper.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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