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  • Muke

    Strangely enough I have our dishwasher in bits on the kitchen floor, it needs a new recirc pump/motor. Just checked spares prices and for £80 more I can get a complete new dishwasher.It is at least 7 years old though so has probably done its duty.


    Have you looked online to see how easy it is to repair? Could be something you could do yourself? There’s normally youtube video’s for most stuff.

    I wouldn’t be happy with an appliance dying within 3 years, but it is that awkward age where you wonder whether to replace it or repair it.
    I’d be tempted to replace with with something like a Bosch. I think ours was £340. My parent’s last one managed 18 years,and my Sister has got one that they’ve had since moving into their house about 10 years ago.

    Premier Icon dawson

    We have an Indesit dishwasher thats about 3 years old, and has been fine, but has packed up with the lights showing as an error code, that may be the heating element that is at fault.

    Do I faff about trying to get someone to look at, who may have to order the part anyway, and then charge labour to fit it or do I just order a new dishwasher (on line £222)?

    Is 3 years a resonable life span/worth repairing or just scrap it?



    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    Ha! Our two-year-old Bosch dishwasher has been a pain almost since new. I think it’s a float valve that gets stuck and it won’t drain properly. Luckily it’s insured and gets regular repairs for free.

    Premier Icon dawson

    @duntstick – yep, its lights 2 and 4 on mine that are flashing

    We’ve repaired our dishwasher a number of times.

    Heating elements are an easy repair
    General gunking up can often cause minor overflow which sets off the float valve. Taking whole thing apart and hosing out the hoses sorted that.

    Only thing I didn’t fix was a circuit board failure but found afterwards instructions for fixing that with solder and wire rather than swap out.

    You do get what you pay for with this stuff. Bosch and Siemens noticably better than most. Miele a different class (SIL has a 20+ year old miele still going strong)


    The problem with the indesit is that when the heater goes it can take out the PCB which is very expensive to replace. The heater is pretty easy to replace by itself.
    I had one for 4 years – after 24 months the heater failed. I replaced the heater, but when it failed again 24 months later i scrapped it. You are lucky it’s lasted 3 years to be honest.

    Better to buy something more reliable.


    To be honest its worth repairing the older appliances as the build quality is far superior to most of the products on sale today ….
    The German Bosch stuff was decent but now theyre manufacturing in spain with predictable results 🙄

    Hotpoint bought out Indesit but instead of bringing Indesit up to their higher standards Hotpoint quality has plummeted to the level of Indesit ….

    Bloody minefield honestly …

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