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  • Disconnecting ground in a plug: Dicing with death, or fun for the whole family?
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    Remove the earth and wrap the PSU and laptop in electrical tape, it’ll be double insulated then.

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    You’ve fixed it with tape. Neat.

    You could have cut the current 3-pin plug off the cable and put a regular plug on but leave the earth disconnected. And with the wire stump suitably insulated within the plug body to avoid shorting.

    as folks have described, most of these machines come with 2-pin plugs in EU and USA. And most folks suffer no problems using those awful 3-pin to 2-pin adapters when travelling many of which have a similar effect of not earthing a 3-pin plug.

    corporate IT used to provide me with laptop, 2 ‘U.K.’ power adapters, 1 for my desk in an office, and 1 for travel. With 3 cables for the second adapter: 3-pin U.K., 2-pin EU, 2-pin USA. No death ensued.

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    We had an oven that my OH FOOLISHLY washed, and it got damp so kept tripping the house.
    Electrician disconnected the ground and ran the oven for half an hour to dry it out. Probably not the most sensible trick if you dont know what youre doing i suppose.

    The earth pin is only going into the charger, not the laptop, so its probably tied to some internal power brick chasssis just to put it somewhere as much as anything. i doubt its doing much.
    Also, you know what youve done, and its you that’s using it.

    Be reet!

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    Some 2-pin EU (circular plugs) normally have an earth at 12 and 6  (or 9 and 3).

    UK bathroom 2 pin doesn’t have an earth as the 240V live is isolated by the transformer.

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