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  • mattsccm

    Probably. They don’t quote the inner rim width so it’s hard to tell but nowadays road tyres are stuck on things that are wider than older MTB rims so they would probably be ok.

    Premier Icon mrblobby

    Similar dilemma here. Been looking at the Kinesis CX wheelset that would probably do the job. Bit more expensive though.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Why 23c tyres on a road rat? Even the pro’s run 25’s most of the time now. You’d not suffer speed wise with 28’s or even 30’s on a road rat.

    Anyway. Most narrower MTB rims can run a 25c tyre ok. I’d not chance anything narrower personally. Rims designed for use with 23c tyres usually have an internal width of 13-15mm. Narrow MTB rims are usually 17-19mm internally which can stretch a 23c tyre into an undesirably flat shape.

    If it were me, I’d buy some narrow 29er wheels and some fast 28c tyres, and revel in the extra comfort! You could of course just get something like a Mavic Open Pro rim built onto your current (or some new) disc hubs of course…


    So I have a cotic roadrat with 700c wheels with disc hubs. I dont know so much about road bikes therefore need a bit of help with finding a new set of wheels (someone managed to bend mine to f*ck so need new ones).

    I am finding it difficult to find some road wheels with disc hubs so thought that 29er mtb wheels would be a good shout? yes/no? Would these fit some skinny 23mm wide road tyres for example?


    If not would anyone be able to help suggest a set of disc specific road wheels for around £200


    Premier Icon mboy

    Ouch @ the weight of those RX05’s!!! 😕

    Merlin had Shimano MT66 29er wheels going cheap last time I checked. Equivalent to SLX level and a lot lighter than those listed above.

    EDIT: Well there were much lighter when they were listed at approximately 1800g for the pair… Now they’ve changed the listing (obviously they were fibbing before!), there’s not much in it now!

    Get a wheel builder to build you some SLX or XT disc hubs on some Mavic Open Pro’s, should come in under £200 and will probably be sub 1800g which is more like it.

    Mary Hinge

    I’ve been having some fun with 19mm rims and 28mm tyres here

    I’ve just bought some Open Pro rims, and am waiting for the spokes to arrive so that I can build them onto some MTB hubs.

    You could just have a new rim put on your fubarred wheel for a reasonable sum.


    23mm tyres will struggle on a MTB rim, 28mm and above will be fine from experience, and as mentioned wont slow you down much at all. I use 32mm slicks on my cross bike for training and commuting and the difference between that and my roadbike is minimal.

    Wheel wise I’d go for handbuilts, I’ve got a few sets, xt hubs on open pro rims for general duties, DT240’s on stans alpha for CX racing and nicer days, both have centre lock rotors for quick swaps. Do also use 29er wheels from time to time, wider rim just changes the tyre profile a little


    Ps… Wouldn’t mind getting some H Plus Son archetype rims built up at some point, look super cool

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    I know this seems frowned upon some days but what about getting your lbs to rebuild your hubs onto new rims or have a look at getting something built to suit


    My aged research showed that pre-built 700c disc wheels offered poor VFM.

    I’d go handbuilt – esp if you are prepared to have a go, even lacing yourself saves £ at the LBS.


    Open pro on novatec hubs and spokes from rosebikes. Just doable on your budget.

    Buy new rims with same ERD as old, tape em together, move spokes over, follow guide on http://www.Sheldonbrown.com to true and centre it, job done.

    Not the black art its made out to be, and why bin perfectly good hubs and spokes?


    I bought a pair of disc wheels from Cotic for about £135… alex rims, disc hub, but at 135mm axle width

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Would these fit some skinny 23mm wide road tyres for example?


    I have those CrossRide 29ers on my CX bike. I run them with a 28mm tyre (Conti 4 season) which is the narrowest width recommended for them.

    Mavic say that the CrossRide rims are 19mm internal width and take 1.5 to 2.3 tyres:

    1.5 to 2.3 isn’t that useful when dealing in road tyres specced in mms (especially given the huge variances in what 1.5 actually measures as) but Sheldon’s excellent page on tyre sizing reckons a 19mm rim can safely take 28 to 44mm tyre.

    Having run them with 28 I’d say a 25 would probably be okay, but a 23 would definitely be pushing it.

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